When it rains…

Thursday August 12th 2010

I’ve been looking at pictures of the Biblical floods in Pakistan, listening to the statistics – more people affected by this than by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. Is this possible?

So I found a map and realised that the area being flooded is the Indus Valley itself, one of the cradles of agriculture. Two of the world’s earliest cities, Harrappa and Mohejodaro were built here, maybe 4000 years ago.

The people who lived there all that time ago worshipped a Mother Goddess. She of the twin snakes, goddess of the corn, similar to Demeter in Greece, Ceres to the Romans.

And today it is – or was – one of Asia’s great breadbaskets.

So what’s going on in the sky that might relate to the disaster(s)?

So clearly, I should look at the the dwarf planet Ceres, mother and fertility goddess. In personal charts, she is an accurate indicator of fertility; in event charts I suspect that among other things, she shows Mother Earth herself, as well as wheat futures on the stock exchange.

She was travelling backwards through that excessive sign Sagittarius when the floods began at the end of July. She was in a harsh angle to the two major feminine powers, Venus in Virgo (the sign associated with harvest) and the Moon in Pisces (the sign associated with floods).

To make matters worse this nasty configuration occurred in the midst of this summer’s Cardinal Climax, which is a serious on-going confrontation between the outer planets.

On the 8th of August, she started moving forwards – just when the world began to realise how serious this was.

Just so you know – Ceres is going to be conjoining Pluto in October – last time that happened, we had the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano in April earlier this year.

I think Mother Earth is a little restless, don’t you?

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