Synchronicity, dreams and a case of exact astrological aspects

Wednesday September 15th 2010

I’m going to tell a story that starts off badly and ends up well.

Last night I dreamt that I was the only person left in the world and I could not find anything with which to kill myself.

I woke up abruptly, terrified, with these words going through my head:

“The world will not end with a bang or a whimper but in silence.

What can I do?

Nothing but pray.”

This is the third apocalyptic dream I have had this summer, so you can imagine how uneasy and frightened I felt in the dark of the night. I held my daughter tight and listened to her sweet breathing before falling back  to sleep.

Then this morning, unusually, we decided to drive her to school. As we were parking outside the unprepossessing suburban church that is attached to her school, we saw a stream of middle-aged men leaving the building.

“What are they doing here at this time of the morning?” It was coming up to 8.30.

“Looks like they’ve been in a meeting.”

“Where are the women?”

“Maybe they’re masons or something.”

“Hey, isn’t that the Bishop of Oxford?”

“Not sure I’d recognise him.”

“Look! Look! It’s the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

I bounced out of the car and called, “Good morning.”

The Archbish, looking a little bewildered, turned and politely said, “Good morning” to me.

Daughter and Darling meanwhile hurtled onto the pavement into the path of the Archbishop of York, who stopped for a chat.

“Are you having fun?” he asked. It’s true we were all laughing, because it seemed so funny somehow to see the Church of England’s top brass at the school drop off on a suburban street.

“Yes,” replied Tinella, who is only five.

“So what have you been doing in there?” asked Darling.

The Archbishop smiled. “Praying, of course,” he said.

Neat, huh.

And where’s the astrology?

• Today the Sun (22° Libra) is exactly sextiling (60° from) my natal Neptune (22° Scorpio) (dreams, visions, mysticism and prayer) which happens to be conjunct my IC (collective unconscious). As you can imagine, I have an exotic dream life most of the time anyway, but this dream was exceptional.

• The Sun today is also squaring (90° degrees from) my natal Jupiter (21° Gemini) (priests, gurus). My natal Moon (children) also happens to be conjunct Jupiter although it’s at 25° Gemini, so slightly further out.

• At the moment we spoke to the archbishops, the Moon (swiftly changing events as well as kids) at 21° Sagittarius was exactly opposite natal Jupiter.

• Sagittarius is Jupiter’s own sign and represents, among many other things of course, organised religion. Gemini always suggests things happening in pairs – and we spoke to two archbishops.

So the Lights, the Sun and Moon, lit up an unusual aspect in my chart this morning.

What does it all mean? We shall see, but this I do know: it’s not every day I get to say good morning to not one, but two archbishops.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  2. Isy Aweigh says:

    That is wholey adorable, in every possible sense of the word 🙂