Being Indulgent

Friday October 8th 2010
Practical, understated chic. Perfect for a weekend
in the Cotswolds. With calves like that
maybe his Jupiter’s in Aquarius!

“Just bought a pair of boots,” he muttered, trying not to look too pleased.

I thought for a minute. We already live with a small river of his shoes that runs between the bedroom and the front door – and to me they all look the same – like men’s shoes. I thought for another minute.

“Jupiter in Pisces,” I said.

You can’t nag a man about restraint and shoes when he has the planet of abundance in the sign of feet. That would be cruel.

And besides purchasing new footwear does make him glow quite sweetly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    an astute observation, but more importantly a very sweet way to honor one’s lover.