From beneath the earth…

Wednesday October 13th 2010

After making the sun and the moon and the sky and the mountains and the sea, and after making the animals and the birds and the trees, the creator decided to make something really special. So he fashioned men and women out of clay. But he did not want them all to be the same, so he painted them with different clothes, taught them different languages and music.

Then he buried them in the earth.

And they emerged in different parts of the world from caves and lakes – reborn as the tribes of the Andes.

The idea that the first people came from caves after being underground is a myth found throughout the Americas. The Hopi have a particularly rich and detailed version.

Today the Chilean miners are being reborn after two months held captive in the womb of the Earth. The symbolism is extraordinary.

In our European mythology, Pluto is the god of the Underworld. On August 5, when the miners were trapped, Pluto was retrograde at 3° Capricorn forming a tight T-square to Mars and Saturn in Libra opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Aries – the vaunted Cardinal Climax.  A T-square is a super-tense aspect. It’s like a tightly strung bow. Capricorn is an earth sign and ruled by Saturn, the planet that rules rock, foundations, solidity, boundaries. So we have the transformer planet Pluto agitated in this earth sign and the collapse of the mine.

In the intervening months, the T-square disengaged. The planets involved went their separate ways – fot the time being. Pluto continued to retrograde and then began to go forwards again.

At this moment, the miners are re-enacting the ancient origin myth of the Americas, hauled out of the ground through an earthy birth canal and emerging in a metal caul.

Pluto has returned to 3° Capricorn. Just four days ago, Ceres, the fertility planet, also moved into Capricorn and today she is joined by her sister the Moon to midwife the miraculous rebirth of the Chilean miners.

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  1. Pat says:

    Superb analysis, Christina! I mentioned in my weekly forecast that Wednesday could bring a revisit of the T-square, and here you have it. There’s no better symbol than this, you’re right.

    Great job!

  2. Christina says:

    Thanks. I like your site by the way.

  3. Judith says:

    Beautifully and movingly written! With Venus conjunct Ceres at 3 degrees Capricorn in my natal chart, (conjunct NN and hecat at 4 degrees) trine Midheaven at 1 degree Virgo, I found myself weeping while reading this piece. The same kind of sobbing joy I experienced when my children were born. You captured the essence of this moment in time exactly, Christina!

    As a physician and scientist, I would be so interested to know the details of the miners’ physical condition. So far, it sounds like the doctors are quite astonished by their relative health, especially the older men. It seems to me that these men were in a stillpoint (like T.S. Elliot’s description)–the collapse of matter into the abyss (Dante) of the black hole (attractor basin) with only “one simple light”(Dante) of the creative impulse holding them until the re-birth. It reminds me of a reference I recently read in a book on Labyrinths to a 13th century “superstitious belief” that when people are at mass they do not age. I am not so sure there isn’t some truth to that belief. If indeed one considers the definition of stillpoint as described by osteopaths. In that moment of the stillpoint, the dural pulse..stops..evolution pauses..the world holds its pranic breath..then life begins again.

    Blessings to those men,their families and loved ones.


  4. Christina says:

    It occurs to me, after sleeping on it for a few days, that there is one other very important element to the symbolism of this event. In Chile, the miners went trapped underground in winter – and emerged in early spring.Beautiful

    That had passed me by initially because here the nights are drawing in.

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