Libra: Peace or War?

Friday October 15th 2010
Baroness Thatcher has Libra Sun and
Leo Moon like Mahatma
Gandhi and David Cameron.
A belated Happy Birthday to you, Mrs T. 
(ex-PM Margaret Thatcher Oct 13, 1925)

And to you Silvio. 
(PM Berlusconi, Italy September 29, 1936)

And Bibi, Happy Birthday, to you in advance. 
(Netanyahu, the come-back-kid, Israel Oct 21, 1949)

And to you Dave. 
(Cameron, UK Prime Minister. Oct 9, 1965)

Not an entirely edifying list, and I know we’re all astro-sophisticates here and we say boo to Sun signs, but … 

You have to admit there’s something about that Libra Sun that really works in the smoky backrooms of politics. It’s a dirty business and these four all got ahead by being more ruthless dealmakers than their opponents. That’s pretty Libran.

Libra is the Cardinal Air sign. That means it is about initiating (Cardinal) ideas (Air), taking an ideological lead. Perfect for the leader of a political party. 

Jimmy Carter (October 1, 1925) living his Libra Sun.

But Libra likes to make connections between people, bring different groups together, right? Make peace, right? 

Well, if you’re Mahatma Gandhi or Jimmy Carter or John Lennon that’s just how you live out your Libra Sun. But not for our birthday quartet. There is another Libran way.

Libra rules the 7th house of relationships – and enemies. It’s polarity is the sign of the warrior, Aries – and we know that the opposite signs inform each other’s behaviour. (While Libra is jaw jaw, Aries is war war* – but they are both about conflict.) Being good at politics doesn’t just mean making people like you, it means playing your enemies off against each other. It means divide and rule. It means creating an argument and forcing people to take sides. Say what you like about Thatcher, she wielded an ideological cleaver through the heart of Britain and split the country into two sides. People still love her or hate her.

Thatcher: “What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner “I stand for consensus”?”

The symbol of Libra is the scales – that means balance yes, but also “justice”.  In court, two sides argue opposing views. The person is either guilty or not guilty; the colour is either black or white; the switch is either on or off. As Thatcher once said, “There is no alternative.”

In court, solutions are reached through argument. The side that argues most persuasively – or shouts loudest – wins. 

Here’s what Jacques Chirac, that debonair Frenchman and ex-PM said about Mrs T back in 1988: “What does she want, this housewife? My balls on a tray?” 

Needless to say, she won that particular argument – serve him right for being so rude! 

I say, in this Libra month and with the planet of longevity passing through that sign, give peace a chance and try the Lennon Libra way. (I am writing this in bed.)

*Churchill said: “It is  better to jaw-jaw than to war-war,” meaning make conversation not war.


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