Wikileaks’ Festival of the Dead

Sunday October 24th 2010
Come, sit by the fire, and I’ll tell you a spine-chilling tale. A horror story so bleak and terrible that fearful images of maiming, torture and violence will keep you awake all night.
Death and Life, Gustav Klimt 1911.
We approach All Hallows Eve, the dark turn of the year when the dead walk at night and the living stay close to their home fires, holding their families and loved ones close. Traditionally, we recount stories.
This is the month of the scorpion, who lives under rocks, whose masters are Mars, the god of war, and Pluto, lord of the underworld where the shades of the dead walk ceaselessly.
And suddenly, the shades of the dead are among us. 104,000 dead, asking to be heard.

Wikeleaks turned over the rock.

According to their website, Wikileaks published the Iraq Diaries at 5pm (EST) on October 22nd. This is the eyewitness story of the war as told by US troops. 

At the time of publication, Pluto, was the highest planet in the heavens, casting his shadow across the hour; Uranus, planet of shock was on the Ascendant. Precise symbolism for shocking revelations.

Mercury – communications – moved into Scorpio a few days before publication. On the 23rd, the Sun moved into Scorpio to join little Mercury – and the proverbial hit the whirly thing. The UN has already demanded action from the US on the alleged torture of Iraqi civilians.

I can’t think of a more Scorpionic set of events. Scorpio is the keeper of secrets and at the same time exposer of skeletons in the closet. That’s why investigation, detective work and spying all come under the sign of the Scorpion.

Nor can I think of a more Scorpio-style organization than Wikileaks, which prides itself on forcing government to be transparent, but at the same time maintains absolute secrecy to protect its sources.

After the stories are told, tradition says we should walk between two bonfires to purify ourselves. Tell me, what are those bonfires now?

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