Astrology of Now: Coming Up For Air

Wednesday November 10th 2010
Ophelia by John Everett Millais.

We’ve been deep in the dark waters of Scorpio lately. You may have been diving for pearls, but sometimes it gets quite hard to breathe down there – all that psychodrama can be suffocating.

Breathe easy now. Venus slipped backwards out of Scorpio and into her own sign, airy Libra, yesterday. Venus loves being in here. She can float around being lovely and having intelligent conversations. (Both Obama and our PM David Cameron should have success making new friends abroad.) She turns direct on the 19th, at which point you might want to think about getting your Christmas shopping done. You’ve got a week or so with Venus in the sign of taste and before Mercury goes retrograde in December.
In sharp contrast, Venus was in detriment in Scorpio, which means she has to work extra hard there. All that emotional intensity can be tricky for the planet of pleasure and charm. Enjoy Venus’ time in Libra because at the end of the month, she’s going to plunge back through Scorpio again – and she’ll have to swim through the murk until the beginning of next year.  I wrote an earlier post on Venus in Scorpio, which is worth reading since it ain’t over for her yet.
Another thing to celebrate is the situation of the Sun, alone now in Scorpio with room to relax make some nice clean contacts with Jupiter and Uranus in fellow water-sign Pisces. Emotional or financial issues should become clearer over the next week or so – and some weird but positive solutions may suddenly land in your lap.
With Mercury in enthusiastic Sagittarius, you and people around you may even feel a spurt of optimism.

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