Captain Haddock: Scorpio Man?

Tuesday November 2nd 2010

“Billions of blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon, astrology! What a load of codswallop!”

I can almost hear him shouting now. (Sigh) I’ve always had a soft spot for Captain Haddock, Tintin’s companion in adventure, merchant mariner, millionaire and lush.

He wouldn’t like it, would he – Captain Haddock – being told he was a typical Scorpio, maybe with a strong flavour of Sagittarius and a dash, even, with his inventive invective, of Gemini or Virgo.

But what makes him a Scorpio?

• His best qualities: loyalty and bravery. And the ability to strike fear into the heart of his enemies.

• What colours does he choose to wear? An all black suit set off by a cuddly blue jersey with black anchor detail no less.

• What’s his job? Sailor.

• Does he have demons? Alcohol. He battles with it – sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses.

• Does he have a temper? “Bashi-bazouks, doryphore, dog”…  does he ever!

• Is he prone to grumpiness, black moods, self-blame and introspection? Yes and hitting the bottle when things get too bad.

• Does he have one true love? Tintin.

• He bears an ancestral burden – he must find the treasure of Sir Francis Haddock and look after Marlinspike Hall, although the latter is more of boon than a burden. Again he’s the only character who is given a family history.

• And here’s a clincher: he’s the only character in The Adventures of Tintin who is transformed over the series. Everyone else is pretty much the same all the way through, right down to remaining eternally youthful. Scorpio is the sign of transformation; something to remember in this Scorpio month.

Haddock starts out as a loser alchoholic, captain of the cargo ship Karaboudjan. He’s under the control of the evil first mate Alan who feeds him whisky. But slowly through his friendship with Tintin, the Captain gets back his pride. In The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure, he proves himself to be a competent sailor, reliable and able to take the initiative (still keen on a drop of rum though).

• Last, but surely not least, is he sexy? Well, call me two-dimensional, but I think so.

 So I checked to see when he was born. He first appears in The Crab with The Golden Claws, published strip by strip weekly in Le Soir Jeunesse, starting on October 17, 1941 (Libra). But the first strip to appear with the Captain would have been sometime later…Scorpio for sure.

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  1. Opal says:

    that was briliant!

    from Merlin,
    age 8,Christine’s son.

  2. NR says:

    I think he’s hot, too.

    But I think I have a thing for Tintin.

    Really enjoyed this post, Christina, thank you for sharing. xxx

  3. Christina says:

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    I always wanted to BE Tintin.

  4. MWILSON36 says:

    brilliant!i never thought of it but i think you are right, he is total Scorpio.
    your name is Christine? you mean girls actually read tintin? i thought it was only boys. i tried to show my girlfriend who is feminist and she was really mad there are so little female characters.
    ..i think tintin was gemini
    …i think calculus was aquarius plus or minus 10 degrees, ether late capricaorn, mid aquarius or possible early pisces
    …so what was snowy?

  5. Christina says:

    Your girlfriend had a point. Bianca Castifiore is well, not quite the representative I’d like for my sex, but hey… Surely she is a Leo by the way or at least she has Jupiter in Leo. I think Tintin is a Gemini too – the “Boy Reporter” could just be another way of saying Gemini.

    I don’t know about Snowy. He’s tempted by bones and booze – hmmm