December Horoscopes

Tuesday November 30th 2010

It snowed here last night, blanketing the city in magic. I hope it heralds a beautiful holiday season. To kick it off, I’ve written you a December horoscope, which is intended to give you a bit of a foretaste of this month.

I expect the shape of this horoscope to evolve over the year, since I want it to have as much integrity as possible – and as you know, Sun signs are only a fraction of the horoscope. This means of course that a monthly forecast can end up being impossibly vague or abstract.

So although I’ve written something for each sign, I recommend you read the forecast for everyone to get a flavour of the month ahead.

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  1. Oh, God, what a lovely old picture. I’d bet Oxford doesn’t look a whole lot different now. Here’s wishing you and the other Oxfordians a wonderful traditional holiday season.
    Donna Cunningham

  2. Christina says:

    Thanks. The High Street doesn’t look that different – except for the buses – and a blanket of snow covers up minor blemishes nicely.