8 Good Things to Do with Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Saturday December 18th 2010


Mercury back through Sag means review the map of your life –

or plan to take a trip that you’ve taken before.

So last week, I found myself watching the first series of the West Wing, which wasn’t a bad way to enjoy the messenger planet’s review of the sign of government. But I’ve got to tell you, it all seems very long ago – and unintentionally ironic.

The West Wing was on TV
from 1999-2006. How things change!


With Mercury going back through the early degrees of Capricorn, I was also thinking more generally about fathers and sons (reading The Chosen) and our relationship with authority (Wikileaks and the London riots). Both good things to do with the retrograde through the sign of authority. I found myself contemplating death rather more than I’d like when Mercury conjuncted Pluto, too, and frankly the atmosphere has been well, claggy.

On the up side, a friend, who runs an import business, took my advice to “consider her assets”, and realised that she had failed to include her stock when calculating her end of year accounts. Ooops. Turned out she was making a healthy profit instead of a mingey loss. Yippee.

Tomorrow, Mercury goes back into Sagittarius, and its time to review, reaffirm and readjust things horsey. If you know where Sagittarius is in your natal chart, review the things associated with that house.  I’ll be talking to my sister, who’s Sun is in Sadge.

Remember that Mercury is the planet of thought as well as speed. Retrogrades are a time to contemplate strategy rather than take action.

Mercury retrogrades from 19-30 December through Sagittarius.
Turns direct to retrace its path back in Sagittarius until 14 January.


1. Travel. Make a list of places you wish you could visit. Then read about them and make a plan.

2. Take your mind to a new place. Read a good book about something completely different from that which you are used to. So if you live in Alaska, read about Cairo; if you’re a confirmed pagan, read about Jesus; if you’re a romance junkie, read some science fiction.


3. Further education. If you’re in higher education, should you change course? If you’re not taking a degree, should you be? It’s time to look at further education courses and maybe think about doing something slightly different from what you’d initially planned. If you’ve thought of going back to school and rejected the idea, think again – it’s never too late.

4. Share your knowledge. Do you know stuff that other people might want to know too? Think up a plan to teach, disseminate, blog about it.

5. Work on your tolerance. This is the Christmas season, and it looks like it could be a tricky one. The Sun is going to conjunct Pluto and reignite the Cardinal Climax of last summer. Tempers could be high this week. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you could take this opportunity to think about your own ideology and belief system and ask if it still fits with the reality of the world.

6. Experience the exotic – again. I’d recommend eating something you haven’t tried in a long time and seeing whether you could develop a whole new love of say, boiled chicken feet. You may have other ideas of what constitutes an exotic experience – hmmm. You might want to try listening to Chinese opera, riding an elephant or sand painting. Do something you didn’t like last time around and see if you can find some benefit in it this time.

7. Expand your generosity. This is the time of year to be open-hearted and open-handed, but do you always give to the same charity, do the same soup kitchen? Do it differently this time. Frankly, a lot of us may be in need of some practical charity this Christmas, so if you have the opportunity to give, do so.

8. Consumption. It’s a good time to really think about consumption. We can safely say that many of us buy to much stuff at Christmas. How exactly do you feel about that philosophically? Is it time to rethink?

9. Renew your library card. It may seem old school – but there’s a whole of fun to be had among the stacks. If we don’t start safeguarding our libraries now, we may not have them for much longer.

And on that note, I wish you a Merry Christmas!


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  1. Sandra U says:

    Thank you for all info, it is v helpful………….

  2. Christina says:

    My pleasure. I’ve been thinking about Mercury backwards in Sag some more and I think it would be just as well to add that internet security could be an issue.