Astrology of Now: Honour Thy Father or Else!

Wednesday December 15th 2010
Riot police in Parliament Square.*
The god Pluto wears a helmet of invisibility.

Are you enjoying the ferocious fisticuffs between Mercury, Mars and Pluto?

Speedy Mercury is thought and words and youth; Mars is war and action; Pluto – well, he comes like a shadow in the night, carries a big stick and represents power.

We are seeing a war of words over cyberspace; and Pluto at war with Mercury on the streets of London. Stay light on your feet kids.

Here’s another way of looking at it: Pluto’s the bonfire; Mars is the match; Mercury fans the flames. If you find you are exchanging strong words with someone, remind yourself that this transit will pass – and refrain from letting it come to blows.

This triple conjunction is exact as I write but it has been in effect for the past few days and will continue to be so. It seems to me that the atmosphere has been positively gothic. (Let me add that I am of an unusually cheerful disposition, so I don’t say this lightly.) Mind you we have had people dancing around a bonfire outside the extremely gothic Houses of Parliament. Maybe they’ll put Nick Clegg inside a wicker man next.

Nick Clegg: pants on fire? Civil unrest?
You ain’t seen nothing yet. 

Who’s the Daddy?
The conjunction is in Capricorn, a sign that we associate with the father or even “The Father” – such as God or the government or whatever authority takes your fancy. So I’m taking my own advice for Mercury retrograde here and thinking about dads or even “Dads”.

We’re having rows about who is in charge; who gets to play the father role.

For example, we’re seeing one attack on daddy government in the form of the Wikileaks leaks. For a superb take on this, look at what Dharmaruci has to say over at Astrotabletalk. He points out that Julian Assange has all the signs of someone with just a bit of a father complex. This fits right in with the current Pluto in Capricorn paradigm.

Is Julian Assange acting out an Oedipal drama?
This is a still from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1967 movie.

This power struggle can happen also between nations. For example, last time this transit happened, back in 1776 (yes, Pluto’s a slow mover), the US (the son) got rid of the British yoke (daddy).

Remember also that Britain was far from finished off by the American Revolution. On the contrary, last Pluto transit through Capricorn also marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and Britain’s rise to global superpower. So you could argue that losing a son galvanised this country into gaining an empire and accumulating vast wealth in the process, another Pluto-Capricorn gift. (Pluto as god of the underworld has treasure; Capricorn is the sign of established wealth, business, mega-corps.)

Clearly, the riots in London are inter-generational but I think they may also mark the beginning of a period of broader civil unrest. Once people get a taste for rioting, it’s hard to stop.

*I’ve tried to find the source of this pic. If it’s yours, please let me credit you.

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