What Astrologers Are Saying About the Eclipse on December 21

Monday December 20th 2010

I have to admit my heart sank a little when I looked at the chart for the Lunar eclipse on the solstice tomorrow morning. The poor little Moon!

She’s all alone out there – opposed by  a firing squad of the butchest planets – Mars, Pluto, the Sun (and his henchman (in this case) Mercury) and being stared down by both Jupiter and Uranus from Pisces. Neptune and Chiron attempt some wishy-washy support from Aquarius, so that’s something.

The Moon represents the women in your life, especially your mother. Think about giving her a bit of support, please. It also represents your inner child, your emotional self, and in mundane astrology, the public (under the care of the government).

The Sun is in the final degree of Sag and the Moon is in the final degree of Gemini. Both signs are all about talking, publishing, broadcasting. The last degree of a sign is said to be a culmination of all the energy of that sign, and the Full Moon is all about culmination also. So this is an important eclipse.

Our siblings and neighbours come under Gemini; foreign affairs and higher education come under Sagittarius. Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is closely conjunct the Sun at the time of eclipse. So you can see a theme developing. The Wikileaks saga has been under the eclipse’s shadow, which began exactly a month to the day beforehand (November 21).

But a lot of good minds have already put some thought into the meaning of this eclipse, so I point you in their direction of some excellent down-to-earth opinions.

Elsa wrote a pithy piece on the 9th and has already been proved pretty accurate. For a much lengthier and more technical take on the eclipse look at Willow’s Web. At Janet’s Planets there’s an excellent piece. The introduction on eclipses in general is especially succinct and helpful. Finally, for a really thorough look at the solstice eclipse, check out Aquarius Papers.

Happy solstice!

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