Aquarius: Boys Will Be Girls

Friday January 21st 2011
Dame Edna
(aka Barry Humphries) (17 Feb 1934)
Sometimes the pictures tell the story. Need I say more, my cheeky water-bearing friends?
If you can find any more cross-dressing Aquarians, do tell me.

Jack Lemmon ( 8 Feb 1925) in Some Like It Hot.


Eddie Izzard. You can always
tell by  the … hands (7 Feb 1962)*
*I’d like to credit this great 
pic but can’t find who took it. Please help.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, my daughter the Aquarian thinks it’s entertaining to wear her boyfriend’s under wear on a regular basis. She likes to say she has a penis but it just happens to be inverted.

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