Jupiter and Uranus: Last Tango in Pisces

Friday January 14th 2011
Shade and Darkness – The Evening
before the Deluge. JMW Turner 1843

A wall of water ripped through inland Australia tearing up trees, tossing cars and buses like flotsam, swamping houses and taking lives.

Today hundreds of Brazilians died in muddy landslides caused by torrents of rain.

In Sri Lanka, they say that a million people have already been displaced by flooding.

Not to mention this summer’s biblical inundation in Pakistan, the consequences of are still with us.

What’s going on?

For one thing, Mother Nature is saying yet again, “I am stronger than you.”

For another, Jupiter and Uranus are having a last laugh at 27°/28° Pisces, the wettest sign in the Zodiac, and they are approaching the critical degree 29° where more means even more. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, of tearing down boundaries, of excess. Uranus it the planet of rebellion, revolution, shock. When these two get together in watery Pisces, there’s bound to be trouble.

Who else is in on the party? Mars, violence, is working hand in hand with these two from 28° in earthy Capricorn. Expect government violence – oops that’s happened already in Tunisia today, where the governent fired teargas (Neptune/Pisces) at demonstrators. But also these rain storms are violent.

Chiron is bringing grief and loss in the sign of humanity Aquarius also at 28°. And Neptune the god of the sea, who seems to be roaming the land? Also 28° Aquarius. He’s clasping some of us humans just a little too close to his bosom.

Just in passing, because I’m not sure precisely how to interpret it, Juno, the asteroid of marriage is exactly opposing her husband Jupiter from the sign earth sign, Virgo, associated with harvest among other things. Sri Lanka’s crucial rice harvest has already been destroyed and I wonder what’s happening in Queensland.

One of the themes of the past 12 months has been lost harvests. During much of this time Ceres, goddess of grains, was in Capricorn which is currently dominated by the god of death himself, Pluto. But right now she is in early Aquarius and not directly implicated in the current fray, although she’s semi-sextile to Pluto again.

Jupiter moves into Aries on 23 January to be followed by his friend Uranus later in the year. Not a moment too soon, you may say. Well this is their last conjunction but the two of them could still wreak a bit of merry havoc in the sign of fresh starts.

Meanwhile, fishy people everywhere – not just those who are knee deep in water – may be feeling a trifle jazzed.

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