How Chiron Helped Me Get Healed

Wednesday February 9th 2011
Giovanni Bellini‘s Adoration of the Sleeping Child.

Let me tell you about the last time Chiron conjuncted one of my personal planets, because it was very lovely.

My second baby was just one month old and I was living in the delicious fog of love that descends almost uncannily on so many mothers at the very moment a child is born.

Giving birth the first time had had exactly the same effect and I couldn’t believe I could fall in love so passionately twice. Love had expanded to include both my children and my beloved. We had gone from being an exclusive threesome to being a family.

Of course my transits were awesome at that time. But not all awesomely good. On the birthday itself, Uranus, the planet of change, was on my Sun – exactly. Yes, my life changed forever the moment my baby was born.

Mars was not only returned (off one degree) but square to Pluto exactly on the natal Mars. (I had a super efficient c-section. It took 11 minutes. Surgery is ruled by Mars. Pluto is like a laser.) Still you wouldn’t think a transit like that could be, well, fabulous, now would you?

Venus, the planet of love, thank goodness, was conjuncting my Moon (exactly), who is of course all about motherhood. And, like I said, I fell in love.

So what about Chiron? Well, the “wounded healer” conjuncted my Venus one month after the birth, by which time I had healed from the surgery. Clear symbolism there, I think.

But there’s something else that Chiron does (I think, although I’m still assembling the evidence). I think Chiron lifts a veil between our world, the material world, and the world of spirit. Anyone who has spent time with a new-born baby knows that in those first few weeks, she seems like an ancient, wise soul who has come in fresh from another place.

When my first daughter was born, I had the same overwhelming rush of love at first sight and the same feeling that here was a soul that had been sent to me from far away. And where was Chiron?

On that day the healer was traveling through my 5th house of children, and he exactly sextiled my natal Saturn (old structures), and filled in an empty part of my chart to create both a star pattern involving most of my natal planets, and a “finger of god” pointing at my natal moon. So you see, Chiron’s transit rebalanced my (very tricky) natal chart.

There are two events when the veil lifts and we are afforded a glimpse, however fleeting and obscured, into a larger universe – birth and death (click to read a previous post on this). I believe our guide in that moment is Chiron, and sometimes, as it has been for me, the gift is a beautiful transforming birth, but sometimes it is a passing and the deepening knowing that can bring.

Did ye get healed?

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