Earthquake Chart

Friday March 11th 2011

I’ve just been asked to put up a chart for the earthquake, so here it is. As I pointed out before, Uranus is in the last minutes of Pisces, so the planet of surprises leaves the sign of the deepest oceans on a tidal wave.

The imagery could not be clearer.

I haven’t decided which is the better chart – of the many – for Japan, as requested; that requires a bit more work. But I have put transits from the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 around the edge of the chart in green. It’s backwards transiting if you like, but quite effective. Take a look at the surprise planets which are at work.

Today’s Venus 3 degrees from Boxing Day’s Neptune in Aquarius.

Today’s  Saturn 1 degree from Boxing Day’s Jupiter in Libra.
Today’s Chiron 1 degree from Boxing Day’s Uranus in Pisces.
Today’s Pluto 3 degrees from Boxing Day’s Sun in Capricorn.
Boxing Day’s Ceres just 2 degrees from today’s IC and 2 degrees off sextile to today’s Pluto.

Enough already – see what else you can see for yourself. Suffice to say the charts are very intertwined.

But I would like to point out some things that interest me about the earthquake chart.

First of all, look at Saturn the planet of stability, exalted there, right in the very middle of Libra, the sign of balance. He’s at the point of two 135° angles – one from Neptune (the sea god himself) which is conjunct Ceres (the earth goddess herself) and the other from the Moon, which as we know rules the tides but also acts as a trigger to set off planetary energies.

Mars, the planet of violence is in Pisces, the sign of the ocean, and also at an aggressive quincunx to Saturn. He’s also in mutual reception with Jupiter, the planet that makes everything bigger, because Jupiter is in Mars’ home sign Aries and Mars is in Jupiter’s sign Pisces. This means they strengthen each other. And when Jupiter and Mars back each other up, you’re likely to get major action.

So Saturn, in the very centre of the sign of the scales, is knocked off balance – interesting.

The chart ruler, because of the Leo ascendant, is the Sun in Pisces, of course.

One last thing before I have my supper. The MC is in Taurus and Venus is in the humanitarian sign of Pisces. I think we may well see many people at their best in the disaster – helpful, practical, fair.

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  1. Christina says:

    Sorry. That should be 135° degrees not 120 – a nasty sesquiquadrate rather than a delightful trine. I’ll correct it.

    Shows how rarely I use minor aspects. They have to be almost exact to count at all. In this case they seem quite potent.

  2. Jackie T says:

    A cardinal T Square with Pluto in Capricorn (Earth) at the apex. The sesquiquadrate configuration is fascinating. Is there a name for it, like a Yod, which it looks like but isn’t? Thanks for doing this work. We were all thinking of it but I for one was’t putting in the work to see the chart!

  3. Christina says:

    Good point.

    In case you’re wondering about Ceres, she’s at 26° Aquarius. She was also involved in the oil spill last year – as was Pluto. I wrote a post on it at the time called Cork that gusher.

    I don’t know what that configuration is called, but I’m going to watch out for it from now on. Since we have a precise time for the earthquake, we know the Moon had just clicked into place.

  4. Christina says:

    Check out this post on the Chilean miners for more on Ceres and Pluto

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Christina, I’m a bit lost: What’s the value in ‘backwards transiting’ again? Are we comparing one tsunami to the other? Can you clarify?

  6. Christina says:

    You don’t sound lost. That’s it exactly.

    I wanted to put one chart up, so I chose the one for the March 11 Earthquake. However, I also wanted to compare it to the Boxing Day tsunami, so in order to get both onto one chart, I simply put Boxing Day 2004 in for the transits.

    We could have compared the two charts, but in fact, on this programme (astrodienst) that doesn’t work as well.

    Hence the backwards transits – because we’re using a prior event as the transit whereas usually you’d do it the other way around.

    Golly is that clear. In a nutshell, March 11 is the main wheel and Boxing Day is the planets around the outside.

  7. Faye says:

    Yes I have noticed Ceres involved in earthquakes and disasters too – the Christchurch NZ earthquake has her on the MC at the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto and Nepal is also interesting.