RIP Poly Styrene

Tuesday April 26th 2011

“Some people say little girls should be seen and not heard, but I say, Oh bondage, up yours!”

Thank you Poly Styrene, for giving me something to shout as I drive up to the school gates to pick up my little girls.

The pioneer of feminist punk died today at the age of 53. If you ever wondered what a Uranus (unconventional), Mars (aggressive), Venus (female) conjunction in Leo (show off) might look like in real life, take a peep at this video. It’s from 1978 when she was all of 20 or 21. I’d forgotten that one punk look was to dress like a cross between a mad old lady and a toddler.

Here is her astonishing chart – no birth time sadly.

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  1. Grant George Kitchener says:

    Her life and character to me indicate e likelihood of her having Saturn rising in Sagittarius