Algol: Decapitating the IMF

Monday May 16th 2011

Medusa, the snake-haired gorgon, turned men to stone just by looking at them. Some say she was enraged by her violation by the sea god.

The only person to escape her fatal gaze was the hero Perseus, who used her reflection in his shield to aim the blow that cut off her head, which he then whipped into a leather bag. He gave his prize to the goddess of strategy, his mentor Pallas Athena. She still has the head of Medusa on her shield.

One of the most important fixed stars is known also as Medusa’s head, Algol. This is a star of death, destruction, rage – and decapitation. Algol is associated with angry women.

I don’t normally pay that much attention to fixed stars but this week Algol has been drawn to my attention for two reasons. The first is a client who’s progressed New Moon hits Algol now, and the second is Michael WolfStar’s NewScope  which looks at the upcoming Full Moon that conjuncts Algol at 26° Taurus.

In a New York police station two days ago, a chambermaid picked the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss Kahn out of the police line up – and according to one report “looked him right in the eye”. I wonder if he felt himself turn to stone.

Traditionally, Algol is associated with beheading, death by strangulation. Yes, the IMF has just been decapitated in time for the Full Moon. 

This is very bad for Europe. Why? Because we are up to our ears in debt to the IMF, so having a European head of the organisation was quite helpful really. Also it makes us look old, corrupt and out of date.

And the astrology. Well, the European Union Moon (in an exact opposition to Mars-Pluto in Scorpio) is at 24° Taurus, so this Full Moon is only two degrees away from that intense tension between power (Mars-Pluto) and the people (Moon). One person bound to benefit from this whole mess is France’s answer to Sarah Palin, Marine Le Pen of the far right. Unfortunately, she is both smart and articulate.

Perhaps we’ll finally be able to get rid of the cohort of man-tanned creeps (Sarkozy, Strauss Kahn, Berlusconi), who make Euro-politics into a parlour game for the super-rich. Our own Tony Blair left while the going was good, of course. How like him.

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  1. 24 hours ago a British woman was decapitated in Spain?

  2. Christina says:

    I know. It’s a horrible story – but surely algol.

  3. Christina says:

    A reader has just dropped me an email pointing out another decapitation news story today – 28 labourers in Guatemala have been beheaded.

    And here’s another thought. Al Qa’ida has also had its head cut off. A white house official called the bin laden operation “cutting off the head of a snake”.

  4. Sabrina says:

    very interesting, and how the news connect. Now I’m worried though, I know two people with the moon in those degrees.

  5. Christina says:

    You should read NewScope at Neptune Cafe for some more upbeat examples of algol in action.

  6. P says:

    I have to wonder what the maid looked like. I ask because it occurs to me: In the pic, the snakes strongly resemble dreadlocks – did the maid have those? That would be really interesting….

  7. Is it just me, or does the Baptist have a persistent connection with sexually tortured women? And we know what happened to his head, and why.

    That whole Dance of Salome drama was so sickly incestuous and so indicative of her inner destruction by her dad that it always puzzled/disturbed me to see the way it was trivialized as a parable on the consequences of horrific child abuse, yet oversold as a tawdry morality play about misguided egos. 

    And here he is, cheek by jowl (so to speak) with a Demeter-Persephone site. 

    And I remember reading stuff years ago linking him to the Magdalene’s Isianism, or something like it (part of the Albigensian mess in southern & Pyreneean France.) Hm… Interesting tangle. 

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