Astrology of Now: One Wedding, A Funeral and Two Fairytale Endings

Friday May 6th 2011
St George and the Dragon
by Jean-Francois Sulpice.

The soldier prince Mars married the queen of the May, Venus, last Friday.

A monster was slain on Monday.

How can these things possibly connect symbolically? The charts, after all, are very similar with a heavy emphasis on Aries opposing solo Saturn in Libra.

Leo rises in the marriage chart and Aquarius rises in the death chart. So we have opposite events. We see two sides of the planets involved. Here are some examples.

  • Mars in Aries: the prince in a red uniform; the US military in action.
  • Mercury in Aries: Brother Harry in uniform; the helicopters.
  • Venus in Aries: marrying a soldier; Mrs. Bin Laden and filthy lucre. Money plays a pivotal role in the whole Al Qa’ida story.
  • Saturn in Libra: making a vow; reaping revenge. (On the IC = I vow to thee my country/family, in the 8th=death.)
  • Saturn opposed to just about every other planet? Endings. This is housekeeping. Saturn was traditionally the full stop at the end of the solar system – before Uranus and friends were discovered a few hundred years ago. He represents that ultimate end – death. Now, of course, we know there is no such thing as an absolute end… It’s almost as if Saturn is picking them off one by one. Can you think of any other fairytales which need a full stop at the end.
  • Neptune in Pisces = fairytales

What does this mean for you personally? Those fairytale endings make way for new beginnings.  Aries is the sign of fresh starts. Just as Wiliam and Kate are stepping into a new life, so may we all.

If you have dragons to slay, do so now and throw them in the sea. Very quickly – the whole planet party is moving into Taurus to catch up with the Sun. And Taurus is all about ownership.

…and may you live happily ever after…
at least for now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It looks like the love affair between Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron has reached its conclusion too.

  2. Christina says:

    No kidding – the Lib Dem fairytale looks like it’s over too. And I wonder if Scotland is going to get a divorce from the rest of the UK!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Heard on the BBC yesterday that Scotland IS going to get divorced from the UK. No more royalty going to St. Andrews Univ??