Madhuri Dixit: Living Goddess

Friday May 20th 2011

Bollywood produces beauties by the bucketload.

If you’re a leading lady in Indian popular cinema, there’s a look you ought to have – long smooth hair, pale skin, almond eyes. It goes without saying really, that your sexual charisma needs to be pretty volcanic.

Since all the other leading ladies look like you and have a certain sex appeal too, you also need to have an X factor. It may be sheer pizzazz like Kajol or glorious feline grace like Aishwarya Rai or it could be simply that you are the best dancer to trip across the silver screen in a generation – yes I’m talking about Madhuri Dixit. Happy Birthday (May 15, 1967).

She was the Bollywood star for fans of the genre from the late 1980s to the early noughties, so it’s good to see that the powerhouse Pluto-Uranus conjunction for her generation born in the the mid-60s nicely trines her Taurus Sun. Taurus is ruled by the Venus, of course, who is among other things the planet of harmony and art. Dancers often have strong Taurus.

Dixit’s natal chart – no birth time.

I don’t have her time of birth, but it’s fun to see how much screen-legend there is in this chart anyway. She has a beautiful Taurus Sun exactly opposite the planet of glamour and the movies, Neptune in sexy Scorpio for goodness sake.

Dixit is famed for her voluptuous figure as well as her dancing. She has Venus in Cancer squaring Saturn in athletic Aries – I bet she works out pretty hard to keep those curves under control. Saturn also opposes Mars in Libra, which is a particlarly interesting placement for a dancer. Dixit’s dancing shows that she’s superfit as well as musical. That Mars in Libra combines physicality with art.

Some charts are very clean – like this one – which leads me to look at minor aspects that I might ordinarily leave aside. In Dixit’s chart it’s hard to overlook the fact that Neptune is on the point of two sesquiquadrates (I can’t even say that word. It means a square and a half.) from Saturn and Venus which are in square. That tells the story – talent (Venus) and hard work (Saturn) made her a star (Neptune opp Sun).

My friend Liz has been introducing me to harmonics. She uses them a lot when she’s talking about vocation. The fifth harmonic tells us something about what we give to the world and in the charts of exceptionally talented individuals, the fifth can say more than the natal. I thought I’d just take a look at Madhuri Dixit’s fifth harmonic for fun.

If you take a look at Dixit’s fifth harmonic there’s a clear message. We still have the Sun-Neptune combo but we Mars (physicality) is also involved. Mars-Neptune is all about dancing. Neptune is music and Mars is movement. We also have another powerful opposition Mercury (commuincations) opposite Venus and Pluto (female sex appeal). Pretty straightforward really.

The other harmonic chart to look at is the seventh –  again I’m just following Liz’s suggestion here, but I think it works. The seventh is what inspires you and here we’ve found out something secret about Madhuri Dixit. Look at that Uranus – I think she really truly deeply wants to be independent and free – and becoming a superstar seems a pretty good way of doing that.

This is analysis is for P by the way, who is a bit of Dixit buff.

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  1. P says:

    Thanks SO VERY much Christina!

    (This was so kind of you – I had a crappy day yesterday – what a pick-me-up!)

    Yes, I ‘squeed’ when I saw this!

    It’s fascinating to see the dynamics, and the different techniques you’ve used.

    My 1st yr psych prof @ university used to say there were different techniques that worked for different people. It’s very enlightening to see you use different approaches and how they work.

    Thanks so much again (or, as a greeting card said, ‘saying Thanks is so mundane….. would you like a chicken?’ :D)

  2. P says:

    Oh – also, when the choreographer for her Bollywood comeback film in the mid-noughties met her, apparently, this is what happened:

    She just stared at her, jaw slack, and then said slowly: I love you.

    Madhuri replied: ‘Um, I love you too?’

  3. Terresa says:

    Thanks for writing articles on Bollywood stars. I’m an Indian and learning astrology – so far I haven’t come across any chart analysis of Bollywood stars, based on the Tropical Zodiac. There’s plenty about them under Vedic astrology but since I’m following the Tropical system, these articles are great!