The Grim Reaper Comes for Bin Laden

Thursday May 5th 2011

According to the live Twitter feeds on the ground in Abbotabad on the night of April 29/May 1, US helicopters arrived at 45 minutes after midnight, around 1.15 am there was a big crashing sound and by 1.35 all was quiet again. That information took a bit of interwebthing diggiing.

As I suspected Neptune is at the forefront of this chart – rising in the first house (see my previous post). But I think it might be even closer to the angle when/if we get the exact time.

If you ever doubted Osama Bin Laden’s assassination was a result of 9/11, take a look at Saturn and Mercury in this chart and compare them to the Twin Towers chart. In the TT chart they are in perfect trine. In this one they are opposed and they align along the Twin Towers Ascendant/Descendant axis.

The symbolism of Mercury (flight) trining Saturn in Gemini (twins) at the moment the first plane struck the Twin Towers has been much discussed.

Time of death according to Pakistan Daily Times.

This time we have Venus exactly opposing Saturn, the chart ruler in the 8th house of death. and conjuncting Mercury.  I wonder about Venus. In both these charts, she is pivotal, right in the action.  I’ll leave you to speculate about who paid for what to destroy the Twin Towers and who stopped paying for what the other night. In Aries, she is in her fall, which means she behaves badly.

Mercury is also in the sign of warrior, Aries (those US Army helicopters). He is also exactly opposite his position on 9/11 – orb 1°.

Why would Mercury be so important in these charts? One of his roles in mythology is as psychopomp, guide to the Underworld; Mercury/Hermes is the god who leads mortals into the afterlife. It is he who takes Orpheus to see Eurydice, for example.

Mercury helps a soul into the boat to cross
the River Styx into the Underworld.

He is the master of thresholds, the prince of the liminal. If there’s somewhere you need to go, in this world or the next, Mercury is the one holding your hand. Mercury took those thousands of people in the World Trade Centre and in the airplanes on their last flight. A few nights ago he took Osama Bin Laden.

Saturn is a critical planet in this chart. Traditionally, he is super-powered in Libra, where he has been hanging around for the past year. Right now he is transiting the 12th house, the collective unconscious, the after life, of the 9/11 chart. He has already been over the Ascendant and now he is going backwards, to pick up the soul he left behind.

As has been noted elsewhere,
this chart is fascinating in itself.

In the Bin Laden Death chart Saturn is exactly trining the Ascendant. If the time is accurate, it’s to the degree. He’s in almost exactly the same position in both charts.

Traditionally, Saturn was often pictured as the Grim Reaper, Death itself harvesting the souls of the living. Saturn was the god of the harvest, symbolic of the saying: “You reap what you sow.”Bin Laden’s death is the result of 9/11. He’s reaping the death he sowed. It took a long time coming – very Saturnian – but here it is at last.

Pluto, the assassin, is in the 11th house of the public.He is also in the sign of government, so we have a sanctioned killing.

Algol, the death star is on the IC in the house of endings.

I’ve described before (see post) how Jupiter can be involved in death charts. In this one he’s joined exactly by that violent planet, Mars.

This is the end of a chapter in an unfolding story of Al Qa’ida, which seems to be linked to a Saturn cycle. Briefly. The first we heard of these people was in 1981 with the murder of President Sadat. That was 30 years ago, the last time Saturn was in Libra.

Then in 1988, Al Qa’ida was formed. That’s a square; then in 1996, the Bin Laden issues his fatwa against the US; that’s the opposition.

Ayman Zawahiri, later to become al Qa’ida’s no. 2, at
his trial for the assassination of Sadat in 198

Then 9/11 we have the trine from Saturn in Gemini to Libra on the Ascendant. And here we are back to Saturn in Libra again.

As one Saturn cycle comes full circle and the grim reaper takes his harvest, let us hope this death brings a kind of closure for the families of all the victims of that mad, stupid man.


I had to revise this article because the date was strangely hard to pin down. All the press reports were on American time. Thanks to Laura for tipping me off. I’m relieved that the revised time actually strengthens the Saturn and lifts the Neptune closer to the ascendant.

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  1. Laura says:

    My understanding is that the operation occurred around 1 am on May 2 local time in Pakistan, which corresponds to mid afternoon in Washington, DC, and was announced later that evening DC time.

    See also:

  2. Christina says:

    This is from Time Magazine. I can’t think of a better source.

    “At 11:35 p.m. E.T. on May 1, 2011, President Barack Obama made a dramatic television appearance to announce that bin Laden, whose capture or killing was the top priority of CIA chief Leon Panetta, was dead. The leader of al-Qaeda, Obama said, had been tracked by way of intelligence sources in August 2010, and earlier on May 1, a team of U.S. operatives found him at a compound in Pakistan in the town of Abbottabad, 75 miles outside of Islamabad and the home of the Pakistani army’s training academy. The location — not in the increasingly militant heartland of Punjab and not too far from the unsettled frontier and tribal areas — was a peaceful, quiet patch, and the perfect place to hide until May 1.”

    Read more:,8599,2068858,00.html#ixzz1LV77yvOT

  3. Christina says:

    Thanks Laura – I’ve corrected the post.How Neptunian is the Bin Laden story to the last.

  4. Laura says:

    Very true!

    I had to think about this one for several minutes partly because my personal timeline of the events is U.S. Pacific, which is something like 12 hours behind Pakistan so I was getting myself confused.

    Fascinating post, I enjoyed reading it and the previous one.

  5. Like many others, I wondered if bin Laden had been dead all this time. However, the astrological situation is very telling. And if, as I’m certain, we’re all part of the same dance from quantum moment, through human being, to supernova, then this pattern makes perfect sense.

  6. Christina says:

    @Laura – I had to think hard too, because all the news is on Washington time. That’s why I just looked at a Pakistani paper in the end.

    It’s part of the general Neptunian fog that surrounds this story.

    @Piper – If I stop to think about it, I suppose I had thought he might be dead already too. His death is almost like being told that, say, Dracula is dead. In other words, he had become part of a discourse instead of a real human being.

    However, the chart’s clear. He was a real character and he this week.