Mercury’s Magic Minstrels

Wednesday June 8th 2011

Ray Davies in his pomp. Source unknown

Some songwriters are storytellers.

Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Ray Davies of the Kinks were all born in the 1940s under a Gemini Sun. Take a look at these charts – the differences are as intriguing as the similarities.

Ray Davies, writing about the neighborhood,
commenting on the times (3rd house)

Unlike so many of their contemporaries, who have died, moved on or been forgotten, these guys are still performing and writing.

Geminis, as we all know, are the Peter Pans of the zodiac. Maybe carrying on doing what you were born to do is one way of staying young forever.

Bob Dylan – where would he be without the
Pisces Mars? And the 6th house
Sun speaks of the eternal tour.

Here are some more Gemini songsmiths: Cole Porter, Alanis Morissette, Peggy Lee, Barry Manilow, Prince…

I leave it to you to pull out what you can from these charts, but I love the way you can see what a difference the rising sign makes.

And take a look at the planet of music and mysticism waving his magic wand across the sky

Paul McCartney: Moon in performing
Leo. Sun on superstardom, music
on the ascendant.

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  1. Jess says:

    I am just so struck by how all these charts have huge tracts of empty space. Presumably that means these guys are able to focus their energies effectively.
    Also, it looks like having a dash of Leo helps.