Venus and Serena Williams: The Greatest Double Act at Wimbledon

Friday June 24th 2011

Ah Wimbledon – pock, pock goes the little ball, ahh sighs the crowd, grunt grunts the player, “out” shouts the linesman.

The rain, the strawberries, the tedious interviews (“yeah, I like played tennis, you know”) , the lovely game of tennis. In the midst of economic uncertainty and a general feeling of crisis, Wimbledon Week is reassuringly familiar. It’s a play that we’ve all seen many times before; we’ve even memorised some of the best lines.

And in the women’s game, it’s nice to see the fabulous Williams sisters back – bold, beautiful, talented.

It’s said in astrological textbooks that the dual signs – Gemini, Libra, Pisces – like sports that take two – tennis, dancing and so on. Well, one of the Williams is a Gemini and one is a Libra. I won’t tell you who yet because I thought I’d let you guess which chart belongs to which sister. Here’s a clue – both sisters had injuries this year but Serena had horrendous complications.

Answer tomorrow.

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