Anne Sinclair: The Power Behind Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Monday July 4th 2011
Anne Sinclair puts a guiding hand on
Dominique Strauss Kahn’s shoulder

I can’t help wondering what is going through rich, handsome and clever Anne Sinclair’s head. 

The wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, disgraced head of the IMF, has stood by her man over the past 20 years of their marriage – despite sexual and financial scandals and his notorious inability to keep his pants on. And now just when she thought the New York chambermaid’s allegations were about to evaporate, along comes another set of charges against her husband – this time laid against him by a French prosecutor about an an alleged assault on his ex’s god-daughter (your read about it here a while ago). A bit closer to home then…

Anne Sinclair is as sharp as a tack. Before she gave up her career in journalism, she was France’s top TV interviewer with more than a decade of head to heads. She was the equivalent of Barbara Walters or our own Kirsty Young. Sinclair was charming, forensic and her English is fluent, so she could do the foreigners as well as the homegrown talent with equal panache.

But she gave all that up (and her husband at the time) when she met Dominque Strauss Kahn, an obscure minister in the French government. She couldn’t carry on as a journalist while he climbed the greasy pole of French politics. Why not, you ask. A conflict of interest, I read. Really? I’d suggest more of a long-term plan.

Shall I tell you something about Anne Sinclair? She can keep a secret. In fact, she can keep a whole trunk full of secrets. It might at first seem easier to keep real secrets if you’re in the public eye. It’s like a magician’s sleight of hand. We’re all so busy watching what one hand is doing that we miss the other one hiding the pigeon. Sinclair talked loud and diverted attention from herself by interviewing other people. I don’t know what the big secret is that she keeps hidden in her 12th house, but it’s there and it’s painful. Maybe something to do with her mother.

The plan was to keep DSK’s pecadilloes secret too. I’m sure she knew about them. She’s got a Moon in Scorpio for goodness sake, at an odd angle to her Venus in Gemini. She would have had to know just to satisfy her own curiosity and she would have known instinctively anyway.

But now the whole sordid mess has spilled out into the open. She will smile and stand by him – too much pride, ferocious ambition (Pluto plus Saturn in Leo). She’s built DSK up to this with her money,  contacts and know-how; Anne Sinclair is not going to let him fail now. He is her project. She’s invested 20 years in him; and if there’s on thing Scorpio Moon expects, it’s a return on an investment, especially an emotional one.

She is maman (Sun Cancer); he is bebe (Sun Aries). In the same way that a mother can forgive her own child’s worst behaviour, Sinclair has forgiven DSK repeatedly.

Boy does he need her. Strauss-Kahn has no planets in water signs; real emotions are foreign to him; he has zero empathy – no wonder he doesn’t hear non and no wonder he’s always trying to connect, however clumsily. That is what the sex-addiction is about. He is trying to get himself to feel. Click here for my previous post about him.

In contrast Sinclair is deep, dark water; she understand just what makes people tick. She has the Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house. She has the Sun in Cancer in the 8th house. She can feel for two or even eight. She can bear any amount of emotional pain, because her soul in directly connected to a larger soul; the world soul perhaps or simply the soul of her own family. This woman is deep.  Find the Chiron-Moon wound and you have found what motivates her. It trines her Sun in Cancer; it is so integral to her identity that she may not even acknowledge it.

I wonder if she feels that by promoting her husband’s political career she is remedying an old hurt to her own family. Traditionally, the 12th house shows burdens we may have inherited, ancestral wounds. And Scorpio is the sign of the eminence grise, the power behind the throw, the vizier, the advisor.

(Hillary Clinton, another political wife with a problem husband has a very similarly watery chart with a chamber of secrets. Clinton has Moon in Pisces in the fourth house though, which gives her truly heartfelt patriotism which I don’t see in Sinclair’s chart.)

Apparently, Sinclair’s friends say she’s madly in love with DSK. Well, I guess you could call it that. I’d call it invested.

But have no doubt that the marriage is crucial to both of them. Take a look at Juno, the marriage asteroid, in both their charts. His natal Juno is exactly conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran, a royal star that brings risks along with honours. It trines Sinclair’s Libran Neptune (illusions about marriage/idealised partnership) and sextiles her Juno. Her Juno is exactly (on this blog we love exact aspects) on his 9° Aries MC (the angle of status) with his Moon fast approaching. His marriage to her gives him status.

A lot of people I talk to just “knew” they were going to marry a particular person when they first met him or her. It’s not love at first sight; it’s just certainty. I bet that’s how these two felt.

But I’m not surprised he went elsewhere for sex. He is very hot with a sensual Venus in Taurus and a libidinous Mars in Aries. She is cool; she’d rather talk about sex than do it, with both Mars and Venus in air. (Could be quite kinky though.)

Where they really match is in the brains department. They have a perfect intellectual interchange. His Mercury (intellect) conjuncts her Pallas (strategic thinking) in Taurus and vice versa in Cancer. Together, they must have thought they could think their way out of any problem. Unfortunately, the Cancer planets are getting clobbered so they’ll have to rely on that old Taurean method of strategising (spending money).

So back to my original question, what is she thinking? I think Sinclair has been shaken to the core by these events. Uranus has been swinging back and forth across the foundations of her chart, waking her up to a new reality. Despite her brains, beauty, status and contacts, she is not in control of her world.

Did that 9° Aries (his MC/her Juno) ring any alarm bells with you? Yes Uranus is going to be crossing that point next yeart and Pluto, the planet of nasty, will be squaring it. Could this be the sign of a very public separation?

One thing I confidently predict is that Sinclair will write about this. She’s written a few books already and until this scandal blew up in her face, she kept a popular blog. She has Virgo on the midheaven – writing is her metier. She will write a best-seller. When she can bring herself to talk about that secret, wound, instead of always using that cunning sleight of hand to distract her audience from her sadness, she might actually write something of lasting value.  If I were her astrologer, I’d tell her to start taking notes – but then I’ll bet she’s doing that already.

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  1. Dunyazade says:


    Love you blog.

    About A.S.:
    – September 27th 2011 – new moon at 4º Libra, squaring her Mercury. I’m guessing: news she will not like to ear (that will make her very angry: Mercury square Mars natally.). Happens in House 10 – therefore it will be very Public.

    – December 24th. More “happy” news and wonderful timing! Not. New moon at 2º Capricorn, opposing again her Mercury. Any type of separation? Probably her parting from her money (house 2) :p And self-estime due to news relating to her husband.

    I really hate it (this is just a side note) when the rich and powerful get away with it. Really. Really. Hate it >:(

    Just my 2 cents 😉

  2. Christina says:

    Hi Dunyazade – welcome to the blog :). I have to say, I did not warm to her either. She chose DSK after all.

    Good points about the New Moons. Of course, they are going to jangle the whole cardinal mess aren’t they.

    One of the reasons the Strauss Kahns are so interesting is that they are reflecting the cardinal cross on a personal level.

  3. Dunyazade says:

    “One of the reasons the Strauss Kahns are so interesting is that they are reflecting the cardinal cross on a personal level.”

    Not that they choose to (reflect the cardinal mess :p )

    Oh, let’s just wait and see how it all will turn out.

    BTW, if she does write a book – I want to read it!