Eclipses: The Good News

Friday July 1st 2011

Read too much astrology on the internet and you could really get the heebie jeebies about today’s eclipse. So I just thought I’d point out that an eclipse can be quite beneficial if you need some part of your life to change.

Eclipses signify the end of something, which means they make way for something else (possibly better) to start.

Now I don’t want to be Pollyanna here; part of the reason I want to raise the idea of the good news eclipse is because June has been a seriously tough month for a lot of people. I mean that personally (divorce, death and redundancy here in leafy Oxford) and globally – poor Greece.

But there are two signs in particular that are likely to benefit from today’s eclipse in Cancer. They are fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces. If you have personal planets in these signs, especially around 9° you may find something important shifts for you this month.

The important things with eclipses are to accept what comes, watch, listen, pay attention.

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  1. diastella says:

    Big changes in my life here and quite obvious ones that were not clear to me until the day before this eclipse. MarsMoon at 8 degrees Scorp and Venus in Pisces at 9 degrees. I feel absolutely supported in my decision and have also finally been given information to take me on my next step that I have been seeking for many years now. Was fascinated to read about this eclipse being the beginning of a new Saros cycle and it felt good to take my energy into the future even if I shall be long passed on by then.

  2. Christina says:

    So good to hear that diastella. Interesting about the revelation of new info – that’s so eclipsy.

    I have to admit that my planets in mid-Pisces have been zinged by this eclipse too – strangely upbeat.

  3. Jackie T says:

    Oh wow. Sun at 10 Pisces, and something has shifted. Not me but close family member, which impacts on me. Astrological significance gives me hope that this improvement is long term. I ignored it all as I have nothing in Cancer, but this is extraordinary!