9 Things to do with Mars in Leo

Thursday September 22nd 2011
James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Mars, the god of war has emerged, dripping wet and sulky from the sign of his fall, Cancer. He’s ready to light a bonfire and roast some chillies on the hot beach that is Leo.

Mars, of course, rules Aries, the number one fire sign, and as such is all about taking the initiative, starting something, taking action. Wherever Leo falls in your chart, that is the place where you will find most activity for the next couple of months. Don’t fight it – go with the energy.

Mars spends about two and a half months in each sign – and takes about two and a half years to get around the Zodiac. 
That means that the sign he is activating won’t get this chance for another two years. 

Here are some ideas for the rest of us. Remember that Leo, among other things, is the signs of play, fun, joy in being alive.

  1. Play cowboys and indians.
  2. Stand up for your self, promote yourself
  3. Be true to your core self  – whether that means running around and showing off, or having the strength of will to say no to all invitations and disappear into your books.
  4. Roar
  5. Laugh at the conformists
  6. Get a great haircut
  7. And here is a paradox for you: stop taking yourself so seriously – and at the same time take yourself very seriously. Your self expression is important and valuable
  8. But above all  START THAT CREATIVE PROJECT – and throw yourself into it (properly now) for the next two months. You have until November to create an excellent springboard. analysis, editing. So start
And here’s some important advance notice. Mars regularly spends an extra long time in one particular sign during his biennial tour – and this time it’s Virgo. He’s going to be in the sign of criticism, detail. Start the project now, because you’ll have a long, long time to bring it to perfection when Mars is in Virgo.

If all else fails, do the lion pose.

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  1. VJ says:

    What’s going on Christina – two men in bathing suits?!

  2. Christina says:

    Yes – one could be accidental but two begins to look like I have naked shoulders on my mind