9/11 Ten Years On

Monday September 12th 2011

Here’s an old astrological truism: “the worst people have the best charts”. Look at the chart for the moment the first plane flew into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. It’s full of lovely, flowing harmonious aspects.

Some terrible events also have “good” charts.

But who did things go well for on that fateful day? The bad guys.

That tells you something about the energy of the planets. It doesn’t work within a moral framework. It’s not good or bad; it just is. It is we humans who use that energy for good or ill.

Here are links to some of the best immediate responses to the event by some world-class astrologers written back in 2001.

Richard Tarnas – lengthy but clear with the emphasis on archetypes
Liz Greene – Greenian eg smart, thoughtful, accurate, unsentimental
Michael WolfStar – brief and to the point
Erin Sullivan – discursive but thought-provoking
Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine – pithy
Eric Francis – didactic and excellent

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  1. Saturn opposite Pluto made a T-Square by the Sun – definitely responsible for 9/11. Saturn represents order and Pluto represents destruction.