Astrology of Now: All Shook Up

Monday September 26th 2011
Wasn’t he lovely.

The zangly-jangly configuration of planets that’s been causing us all so much surprise, change and more change this year is zapping the Sun right now and the New Moon at the end of the week. So be prepared for some, well, novelty.

What’s more Mars is tweaking Pluto’s nose, which is bound to put the god of the Underworld in a bit of temper. There are bound to be surprises.

The only way to go these days is with the changes.

But this time around though, there are a couple of pleasant angles, which may show a temporarily smoother way ahead. Even if our beloved leaders fail to pull their collective fingers out and do something, maybe we can.

First of all, Mars the action planet, alleviates the tense face off between whoops! Uranus and the Sun itself. Mars is in Leo. This translates into non-astro speak as: taking action yourself with integrity will get things done, otherwise watch out for sparks to fly. 

The tension is between your sense of self and partnership. Your one-on-one relationships may get all shook up.

Secondly, Jupiter in lovely, Venus-ruled Taurus is casting a pleasant aspect to mean Mr Pluto. These are two heavy-hitting planets, both in money signs, working together. It shows there is a window of opportunity for the people in charge to co-operate and achieve something. One thing to watch out for though is getting tempted into deeper debt. Purse-strings should not be relaxed, so keep tight hold of yours.

On a personal level, the Jupiter-Pluto trine could manifest in various ways, including an angel coming and buying out the company for which you work, someone powerful lending you a helping hand (financially), or a simple stroke of luck. It all depends on the rest of your chart, but it’s quite likely to be something to do with work or the wider economy that indirectly affects you.

My simple advice is be prepared for more change.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh no – not more of it. I’m tired and I want to get off

  2. merlene says:

    Change is the only ultimatum for us today. I wonder if this period in history is historical in that ‘change’ is the only road for us?