Astrology of Now: History Turns a Corner

Thursday September 8th 2011
Hey, slow down
This is a re-enactment of a Roman chariot race in modern Jordan.

OK – so here we are, turning a corner in history.

We’re driving around a long curve though, and we still can’t see where we’re going.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that things will never be the same. But I can’t tell you exactly how.

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but I get a real sense of spreading panic out there. It’s as if we’re all carrying on because we can’t think of what else to do. Maybe if we look down we’ll find that like poor old Wile Coyote, we ran over the cliff a while ago.

Right now, the planet of optimism, Jupiter, has turned backwards.

This is a long retrograde period – it lasts from now until Christmas Day. Jupiter does this about every nine months for a four month period, so there’s nothing unusual about the “retrograde motion”.

But I expect a real loss of conviction. In the middle of this month (17th), the Lord of the Underworld Pluto will gather himself and start to power forward again through the dark waters of capitalism. To see how this works for your sign, click on the monthly horoscopes. Expect some nasty economic reality to be revealed. Pluto works like a laser uncovering dirty secrets.

So where’s the good news? Well, the truth is I’m not sure, but I suspect two important planets of offering help.

Uranus, the planet of change, is in a continuing square to Pluto, more or less closely, until next year. So he offers an alternative to the establishment world where Pluto dwells right now. And Saturn, the planet  of stasis, is in the sign of partnership, Libra until next year too.

These two ancient enemies, Uranus and Saturn, are facing off against each other. You would think that would mean conflict, right.  Uranus means freedom and he is in the sign of the individual, Aries. We have to take things into our own hands. We have to make our own changes. But…

…with Saturn in Libra, it’s an idea to do it as a team, to find someone to work with, to hook up, get hitched, get married.

Opposite signs – Aries and Libra in this case – are not always in conflict; sometimes they are complementary. You can have your freedom as an individual and be part of a partnership. That may be the only way to deal with this mess on a personal level. You can’t go it alone, so find someone to hold your hand.

As an example, think of Libya. That’s a conflict that’s been about asserting freedom, but the rebels would never have won unless they went into partnership with NATO.

Who is your equivalent of NATO? And how do you want to be free?

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  1. Isy Aweigh says:

    That’s brilliant. That sense of dancing as fast as we can without looking down is very much in evidence across the pond. Horrifying, really. What a fall to ride for (mixing metaphors, but still.)

    What you say about oppositions is important. Sometimes they’re staring each other down, and sometimes they’re looking deep into each other’s eyes. Sometimes the difference is in how we work with it. Thank you for the tip ‘cuz I couldn’t figure that out.