Barter = Commerce Libra Style

Wednesday October 5th 2011
I could trade some apples.

I’m rather pleased.

I have just arranged to exchange astrology lessons for acupressure sessions. I like barter as a form of exchange. You don’t have to get any banks involved – nor any middlemen, sales reps or big corporations.

The scales of Libra are said to be the scales of justice but also of commerce, used for weighing goods from ancient times right up until today. Nothing is more critical to fair trade than correct measurement. If you can’t be sure how much you’re getting, then how do you know what to pay. That’s why the sign of Libra is also connected with the economy, which is also rather better when it’s in balance.

Yes, we do have the planet of constriction, Saturn, going through Libra right now. Saturn moves into Scorpio next October, so don’t hold your breath.

But we also have Mercury (trade), Venus (art/beauty) and the Sun (life force) in the sign of balance this month.

I’m trading intellectual property (Mercury) for energy (the Sun). Seems fair to me, but I wonder if they’ll take a nice jar of damson jam at the petrol station?

What would you like to barter?

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  1. Christina says:

    Here’s what my dad sent me in response to this piece:

    “In fact, our standard account of monetary history is precisely backwards. We did not begin with barter, discover money, and then eventually develop credit systems. It happened precisely the other way around. What we now call virtual money came first. Coins came much later, and their use spread only unevenly, never completely replacing credit systems. Barter, in turn, appears to be largely a kind of accidental byproduct of the use of coinage or paper money: his- torically, it has mainly been what people who are used to cash transactions do when for one reason or another they have no access to currency.”

    Author: David Graeber
    Title: Debt: The First 5,000 Years
    Publisher: Melville House
    Date: Copyright 2011 by David Graeber

    To which I say: yeah – no access to currency.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to barter husband’s bedroom slippers for a night at the Savoy.

  3. jess says:

    contents of bottom of handbag for yacht please

  4. At the moment, I would really like to barter some knowledge of some of the corrupt backroom deals and abuses of power that go on in the City of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, for some justice for some of the people who have been victims of said corruption. I guess I’m saying I would like the scales of Libra to balance.