Libra: The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove

Thursday October 13th 2011
Vladimir Putin – Russian president and Libra

You know, when I read about Librans in most astrology books I only half recognise them. I mean that fairly precisely. I recognise the need for beauty, the ability to accessorise, the instinct for grace, the love of socialising, but the peacemaker? Uh uh. At least not always…

Librans I come across are not pacifiers; they don’t run around pouring oil on troubled waters. Far from it, I’ve noticed they often like to give those waters a bit of a stir. Admittedly this can be quite subtle, over the ambassador’s elegant canapés in the perfectly appointed drawing room, during the politest conversation.

I think Librans like to take sides; they even like to shake it up a little bit and see what bubbles up from below. One can over-generalise about a Sun sign, but I haven’t met many Librans who mind starting an argument. This is a cardinal sign after all, one that initiates.

Two Librans square up. 

Let me hastily interject that Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha and Desmond Tutu were all born under the sign of the scales, too. So that’s a load of peaceniks, nicht?

Here are some other famous Librans: Margaret Thatcher. Oh and Bob Geldof. And David Ben-Gurion. Oh and that fellow over in Moscow – Vladimir Putin (oy what a peacenik).

What do these people have in common then?

They relish a fight. This is an air sign, a talking sign, a clever sign. These people like to talk out an argument. And so much the better if they have an adversary who can do the same. That just helps them to polish their style and sharpen their wits.

Gandhi with British women workers.

Mahatma Gandhi did not sit around cross-legged and dreaming: he went on the Salt March, rallied all India, engaged in politics, confronted the might of the British Empire. He made the agenda and he crafted the perfect oppositional argument to colonialism.

Libra is a dual sign. The seventh sign of partnerships (and opposition). These people are duellers. I’m thinking now of tennis champ Martina Navratilova and her owlish spectacles – she was fitter and faster than her opponents, yes, but mainly, she was smarter. Then there’s the great Serena Williams. Tell you what though – not many Libran boxers…

It’s no surprise that in this country, with our adversarial style of politics, Librans do well at the dispatch box. You have to be able to debate like a public school boy to shine in the House of Commons. The current Prime Minister is all Libra – smooth, polished, ruthless. But what is the actual content of his argument? Or is it just about having the argument and taking sides.

Take a look at this video of this week’s Prime Minister’s Question Time, if you want to see a Libra in action.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As the daughter of a very determined Libran mother I can only concur about the iron fist. She could be gentle and peaceable, but boy did she get her own way. Deep down she was very tough.

    Re boxers, don’t forget David Haye. In fact it is his birthday today. He does have Sun conjunct Pluto though which might explain a certain ultra belligerence! I’ve seen him interviewed a couple of times on TV and have been struck by his Venusian way with interviewers. A real charmer, very friendly.


  2. Opal says:

    LOL, inside every Libra diplomat lurks the heart of an Aries warrior!

    I have a Libra friend who works for a human rights organisation. She has the diplomatic intellectual thing off pat. But just mention Vladimir Putin and watch the gauntlet-throwing begin….

  3. Christina says:

    @Anon – yeah, out of curiosity, I checked out boxers for this piece and although there are some librans, the really famous ones are predominantly earth signs, especially capricorn, which I thought was kind of interesting.

    Tennis is, of course, about things flying through the air.

    PS – My mother is a Libra too!

  4. Christina says:

    @Opal – oh yes – my mother’s nice as pie until you mention one of the red flag subjects -then it’s out with the big gun!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Because Venus and Mercury orbit closest to the Sun, people with Sun in Libra will often have either or both of those planets possibly in Virgo or Scorpio. Virgo has the wits in an argument and can often win by pointing out flaws. Scorpio, well, we know about Scorpio. Both signs will definitely modify a Libran Sun quite often.

    Sometimes, it is best to go back to the basics to understand behavior.

  6. Christina says:

    @Anonymous – oh that’s true about Mercury and Venus.

    However, if you actually look at the charts, you’ll not necessarily find a particularly Virgo/Scorpio slant. For example, Thatcher’s chart in the next post. She has Venus in Sag and Mercury in Libra. I think you could describe her as feisty.

    I think questioning the received wisdom is going back to basics.

  7. Christina says:

    Oh and as for the delightful Vladimir Putin – Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Neptune in Libra.

  8. Jilly says:

    I used to really love watching the House of Commons on TV (CSPAN) here in the States.

    Our representatives are so boring in comparison/crappy at debate.

    (I’m a Libra)

  9. Christina says:

    @JJilly – It’s pretty vibrant – democracy in action and all that – but I sometimes wonder if it’s all talk and no action!

  10. Sabrina says:

    I remember reading years ago (not exactly where) that librans will try to balance the situation. So if everything is too sweet and ‘nice’, they’ll become the firecrackers.
    Having 3 planets in libra, I can understand that. The devil’s advocate sounds appropriate for librans.

    I never thought of it but my son is a libra, and when he locks positions, I’m usually the one able to ‘negotiate’ (or the last resource…because I say so) Daddy, with mars in aries, has a harder time getting there.

  11. Isy Aweigh says:

    This is a much more reality-attuned explanation of Librans than I’ve seen before. And explains why Librans can set my teeth on edge: my straightforward Aries Sun, Moon, Mars & Mercury can’t *stand* what feels like a hidden agenda or double-dealing, or sometimes just a wambling ditheration that fritters time & energy away. I’ll fight, when necessary, with perfect vim, but don’t waste my time or try to trick me 🙂

    I always loved your mum dearly for how good she was to me, but I had a little “ah-hah” on reading this. I could never think why I was never quite comfy with her, unfailingly kind and supportive of me though she always was. Probably that Libra thing.

    Give me a right bitch of a Scorpio, now. That I can handle. 🙂

  12. Christina says:

    Ah – the old Aries-Scorpio combo – it’s either love or hate.

  13. Isy Aweigh says:

    Hm, not sure “love” is the word, but I find them refreshingly uninterested in being pleasing. It is my 7th house sign … Have I said I remain single? 😉

  14. Christina says:

    @Sabrina – that’s a good way of looking at it – that Libra’s bring balance – or opposites.

    What I find is exactly that. Where there’s peace they like to shake things up; where there’s war they like to make peace. I love it. As a Cardinal sign, they’re initiating a new phase.

    @Isy – I have a file in my mind called “Marriages That Work”. These are ones I’ve come across that seem to go well – and I’ve come across quite a few Aries-Scorpio combos. Again, this is not according to the book but to experience. Aries with other fire signs is just too hot. In partic, I’ve noticed Aries women do well with Scorpio men! This is a generalisation, of course, like a rule of thumb. But the steadiness and integrity of a good Scorp really seems to suit the wild woman that is Aries gal.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Vote for another president then.

    Without that Libran sense of well-rounded judgement and justice = FAIL(-ed state).

    (jokes lol)


  16. Sarah says:

    Picking up on the list of peace loving Librans, I was under the impression that Buddha was born on April the 8th (an easy date to remember as it’s my birthday!) Incidentally, as an Aries I’ve often been drawn to Libran men – the traditional opposite sun sign attraction – but generally find Libran women quite sneaky!

  17. linda purdy says:

    What I see in Libra is argument for the sake of argument which can be a lame sport at the expense of truth. I have also seen what I call the “Charm Bully” someone sugary sweet and oh so thoughtful, but under all the decoration a bullish cow. Another is the psychiatric disorder of “oppositional defiance” what my mother called a contrary disposition. It seems that if the Libra has an objective value system by which to measure justice, then we can count on a fair deal, but if Libra is running the show by whim and a taste for argument – look-out chaos!

  18. Donna says:

    I’m a Gemini. Raised by a Scorpio father….to the max Scorpio Father….I’m married to a Libra…I can tell you what I see…my husband is like a Scorpio with kid gloves. Yep

  19. Myrna Sabor says:

    This post helps me understand my Libra Mercury. (I have Virgo Sun.) I always thought my argumentative, oppositional side came solely from my Leo Mars in the third, which is closely septile to Mercury. But apparently Mercury is in the game too. I wondered why I don’t have the easy sociability due to Mercury trining my ascendant and Mars trine the dsc. I should get along better with people LOL.

    Another person you wouldn’t suspect of being a Libra is Aleister Crowley. Surely the Great Beast must be a Scorpio, right? Nope, he’s a LIBRA. Not the most diplomatic of people.