Astrology of Now: Eclipse Energy

Friday November 25th 2011
Race ahead during an eclipse like this chap
in the film Stagecoach

All of us, without exception, are on a journey of evolution and change. Sometimes the road is smooth and even, we roll along at a steady pace; sometimes we stop for a long, long time at a roadside cafe pausing perhaps to enjoy a Jupiterian hubble bubble or a Cancerian cuddle, sometimes we fall into a hole or crash into someone going the other way, occasionally we get taken hostage. The highway of life is crowded with fellow travellers, highwaymen, pedlars and players.

Sometimes, we fly. The horses just have a burst of speed and we find that we’ve galloped way ahead into a whole new country. That’s what happens when you are taken by the energy of an eclipse.

Eclipses occur for about two years across the same pair of signs. At the moment those are the signs of communications and education, knowledge and skill, Gemini and Sagittarius. In every chart this will work differently.

It’s important not to get carried away with the idea that it’s incredibly unusual. This is the fifth eclipse this year. And there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th of December.

You’ll feel this particular eclipse strongly if you have planets in early Gemini or Sagittarius. But everyone with planets anywhere in these two signs will have been affected – to a greater or lesser extent – by this series of eclipses.

This Gemini-Sagittarius series began in December 2010 and finally finishes in May 2013, overlapping at both ends with other eclipse pairs. Right now we are in the midst of it.

Eclipses repeat in a similar position every 18 years. So to understand today’s eclipse, you could look back to 18 years ago and see if anything special happened for you in December 1993. I know, it’s hard to recall these things, but it could give you a clue to how this current eclipse might work for you.

This eclipse was not a full one but it did make a lot of aspects to the heavy planets. In particular, the quincunx to Jupiter, the planet of larging it, is important. Why?

The eclipse is in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, therefore the king effectively rules the eclipse. But he’s going backwards right now. You could say he’s not quite in his right mind. He’s in Taurus, the sign that rules what we value, also money. I’d say while Jupiter continues to go backwards very little will really be resolved with the world debt crisis. Jupiter is also just about to enter the “critical degree” 0 in Taurus. Jupiter goes forward again on Christmas Day, which is rather jolly.

Father Christmas is a
personification of Jupiter.

Mercury (communications) went retrograde also in Sagittarius yesterday. So both the court jester and the king are pulling their energy inward.

A New Moon – which is what this eclipse is – is also a moment of inward energy. It’s the time for planting a seed. It’s the time of darkness when intentions are set. It’s also a time of endings. Since this is a solar eclipse, this ending may have something to do with the “suns” in your life – a man who is important to you.

Mercury is closer to the Moon’s node than the Sun or Moon, so this highlights the concerns of the little planet.

This eclipse is about talking. It may even be about taking back something you have already said, or saying something that has been unsayable. The whole series asks us to think about how we communicate both personally and as a society.

It’s also about the media in general. In the UK, we watch as the Leveson Enquiry exposes the degradation of the tabloid press. This is a watershed. There will be legislation after this enquiry. And maybe things won’t go this far again.

The way to use this energy for yourself is to look at the houses where these eclipses fall. Think what you want to change in that area of your life and allow it to happen.

This year
Solar Eclipse Nov 25 2011 6:20 02° Sagittarius 37′
Lunar Eclipse Dec 10 2011 14:31 18° Gemini 11′

Next year
Solar Eclipse May 20 2012 23:52 00° Gemini 21′
Lunar Eclipse Jun 4 2012 11:03 14° Sagittarius 14′
Solar Eclipse Nov 13 2012 22:12 21° Scorpio 57′
Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 2012 14:33 06° Gemini 46′

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  1. Hemisha says:

    love the article for not being a ‘drama queen’. you know…this will happen..that will happen. With all the composite analysis of all the planetary aspects going on it is very busy for a person emotionally to process the full on ramifications. sometimes nonchalance helps! Life will go on…take deep breaths and have a nice cup of tea 🙂

  2. mm says:

    Yes, watching Leveson and the ghastliness it is unearthing, it occurred to me how astrologically fitting it is that the enquiry is happening at this particular eclipse season. Lord L himself, as a judge sitting in the Royal Courts of Justice, could be said to be a very Jovian symbol. And of course Saturn is in Libra …

    This eclipse is conj my natal Chiron and opposite my natal Sun. Though I wasn’t thinking about astrology at all I’ve just put up a blog post about my late father ….

    Astrology works.

  3. Christina says:

    @hemisha – nonchalance 🙂 such an excellent word.

    @mm – Chiron-Sun!! I liked your post.

  4. P says:

    ‘Early degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius’. Christina, girl, have I got a story for you. Well, a few stories. Thanks to Uranus opposition Venus, natally. I am really feeling the early version of this transit! There’s more details in the email I sent you.