Eurozone: The Leadership Void

Monday November 7th 2011
The Woodcutter. Kazimir Malevich painted
this just before the Russian Revolution. 

Say one thing for the current euro crisis, it’s cutting a swathe through Europe’s ruling elite.

So far this year these heads of state have felt the sharp blade of Father Time’s sickle.

Brian Cowen – Ireland – 9 March
Jose Socrates – Portugal – 21 June
George Papandreou – Greece – Nov 6
Jose Zapatero – Spain – going in a few weeks

Please go
Silvio Berlusconi – Italy

There’s a certain kind of brutal justice to these departures. When we talk about firm but fair, we talk about Saturn in Libra, which represents a fair application of the rules and also putting a fair time limit on a situation. This combination says, “Enough already.”

Take a look at the Euro chart.

Saturn has been sweeping through the first house of the face in the Euro chart, cutting away the old familiar faces.

Meanwhile, the planet of kings, Jupiter, which is associated with leaders has disappeared into the 8th house, one of the hidden houses. Not only that, since the summer he’s been retrograde. And how much complaining has there been about the Eurozone’s lack of leadership?

But the really telling thing is the Uranus-Pluto square on the axes of the chart. Tr Pluto, planet of drains, sitting right down there on the IC quietly sucking the life out of the leadership. The god of darkness is pulling those leaders down into his own realm one by one like the creature from the black lagoon.

The leadership of the Euro (if I can put it that way) is represented by the Moon ruling Cancer on the 10th house cusp. The Moon has progressed to be exactly conjunct natal Pluto.

And, of course, Pluto squares Uranus, revolution, right on the descendant, enemies – or partners. The Euro is going to have to find some new and surprising friends, if it’s to survive.

The good thing about this? It’s only by getting rid of the old that we can make way for the new. One of the themes of the times we are living through is clearing out the dead wood.

For more on why the euro has to be completely revamped click here.

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  1. In reality, there is no leadership in Eurozone, apart that of France-Germany which actually took the lead but not as Eurozone as a whole…
    In Italy there is the most obscene – in **all** the senses… – thing ever, a man without quality, known for his individual corruption – Venus in Scorpio… – and not from yesterday, that has the pretension to do what he simply cannot… For he has no quality of leadership, only much money.
    And money only do nt make a leader!
    What a lesson for this world destroyed by large amounts of money people!

    In Italy they usually accepted governments that in other European countries would have chased from years: This is the classical Italian illusion, that politics is a bad thing and that it must be left to bad people…
    In this way you can even be an economical power and a political dwarf, as Italy is, but you cannot continue to be an economic power **without** a trained and competent political leadership…
    What a hard lesson for ready-to-refuse-any.-responsibility Italians…

  2. christinarodenbeck says:

    “that politics is a bad thing and that it must be left to bad people… “

    That is a really interesting idea. Here we say politics is a “dirty business”. I think we have been sliding towards this point of view also.: all politicians are bad, so no normal person would do it.

    But one thing this whole crisis should remind all of us is that if good people don’t stand up and offer their services who will?

    Partly in this country it’s because we have all become aware of what the press does to people’s private lives when they take on public roles.

  3. Isy Aweigh says:

    “This is the classical Italian illusion, that politics is a bad thing and that it must be left to bad people”

    I’ve heard that from other Italian friends of mine. They were expatriates, who lived in the US & eventually became citizens there. I suppose that says something.

    I’m left with much to think about, as usual, Christina 🙂 Good ol’ Saturn. When he’s on his game, he doesn’t take any crap from anybody.

  4. christinarodenbeck says:

    Yes – this fits in with your brilliant retelling of the Saturn story. He cuts things down to size, nest pas?

  5. Sombrazero00 says:

    Berlusconi is saying he’ll resign…we’ll see. Is hard to believe any word he says, but I’d love to see what happens.