Merkozy: Valkyrie

Monday December 12th 2011
Merkozy: Scorpio Rising, Taurus Sun – not to be messed with.

In Europe, there is someone in charge now and her name is Merkozy. It’s taken her a while to sort herself out, but she’s really beginning to wield the whip now. It’s not going to be easy, but for the first time in a long time, it looks like we may have found a Western leader willing to take the reins and move the carriage out of the ditch.

The combined will, strength and brainpower of French President Nicholas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has the potential to steer Europe through this crisis. Let me be clear, I think the euro as we know it is finished, and I even think the EU as we know it is finished. But the ideal of a united Europe is not over; it can evolve and indeed strengthen.

The eurozone crisis has created an opportunity to clean up Europe. One of the advantages that France and Germany have over many other EU members, is that there systems are not riddled with corruption. They’re not perfect, but compared to the other guys, they are pure as the driven snow. One of the lessons we are learning from Pluto’s sojourn in Capricorn is that corruption has debilitated our entire political and economic system here in the West.

But the financial disaster unfolding is far from over. Merkozy needs to keep her nerve and there is always the danger of internal politics in France and Germany splitting her back into her weaker constituent parts.

A composite chart is what you get when you combine two natal charts. Take a look at this and you’ll see why Merkozy is such a force to be reckoned with.

Pretty strong chart, nicht war? There are two dominating patterns  – a dynamic T-square and a ‘mystic rectangle”, which is, as far as I have found, an eminently practical set of aspects. And what a watery chart – emotional, instinctual, deep. The emphasis on fixed signs explains why Merkozy has taken some time to get herself off the chaise longue and on to the battlefield.

I’ll leave you to enjoy the detail of this composite chart but there are a few things I want to highlight, especially the current transits.

Natal Pluto (power) dead on the MC (public face/career), suggests that Merkozy is very controlling indeed. She is the epitome of political power. Don’t mess with her.

Saturn Rising in Scorpio gives strength, longevity and authority to Merkozy – also that terrifying Scorpio will. It conjuncts the EU’s natal Scorpio Sun at 8°.

Natal Moon in Pisces in the fourth, house of homeland (Europe herself in this case). That’s interesting. It’s a very sensitive Moon, but it connects with the collective more than any other. It’s also idealistic, it widely trines glamourous Neptune in the 12th. This gives a very Piscean flavour to the whole chart.

The Moon also trines the ascendant in watery Scorpio. Merkozy is partly a product of the desires of the people perhaps.

Sun opposite Venus. In a composite chart for lovers this opposition is taken as a very good sign. It shows a balance of power and mutual affection. They may actually start to like each other. In their natal charts they have excellent Sun/Moon synastry. Sarkozy has Sun in Aquarius near Merekel’s Moon and her Cancer Sun trines his Pisces Moon.

But look at what’s happening to the Merkozy Sun right now: it’s being expanded by transiting Jupiter. Her power is being enhanced by the king of the Zodiac.

My understanding of  Lilith is
that she is like the Valkyries,
who, with the ravens, decide who will live and
who will die in battle.

I’ve been fiddling around with Dark Moon Lilith recently, and I’m intrigued to note that she plays an important part in the Merkozy story. In the natal chart, she’s in Scorpio rising in the first house conjunct Saturn, master of boundaries and rules. Some astrologers suggest that Lilith represents a very cool part of the chart, anti-emotion, a place where issues are completely clear cut, black and white. Lilith may be absolutely ruthless. She acts like a knife, a female Pluto.

During last week’s meeting Lilith was opposite the natal Pallas, strategic planning, who sits right on the Ascendant. Two female warriors were working together. Merkozy is a very intelligent composition (Pallas rising), and nothing was going to stand in the way of that plan. David Cameron’s attempt to hold it up were unceremoniously lasered.

Absolute ruthlessness may actually be what’s required right now and Lilith herself is about to conjunct the Merkozy Sun.

The combination of Scorpio rising, Pluto on the MC and Lilith rising give Merkozy a very fierce strength. I wouldn’t want to mess with her on a dark night. Lilith is also said to show a willingness to sacrifice, and this is reiterated by the watery Piscean flavour to this chart.

Merkozy has a project, saving Europe, and she’s going to give it her best shot, making the essential sacrifices along the way.

Whether her plan is the best one, only time will tell. But this is certain: this is both a practical and idealistic chart; Europe is in for some serious housekeeping.

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  1. P says:

    Oh dear God. I recognize that look on her face – I’ve felt that for myself. If her energy is negative, heaven help us.

  2. P says:

    See, that’s what confuses me. How is it that Italy and Greece have fallen, but India hasn’t gotten hers yet? I’m puzzled. No, I haven’t checked the transits against India’s horoscope yet.

  3. P says:

    I’m confused (what a surprise). What is Dark Moon Lilith and what is True Lilith. Astrodienst has both.

  4. Christina says:

    Greece and Italy have gone down less because of corruption than because of debt. Put simply, both governments borrowed too much and then when interest rates went up, they couldn’t pay it back. They were loaned all that money because they were part of the eurozone, which meant they were evaluated by the banks as being much safer debtors than they actually were.

    India’s not borrowing in the same way.

    Ah Lilith. I think a lot of bullshit has been written about her astrologically. That is why I’m pretty tentative about using her, but I have found a few interesting things. DSK – BML conj Venus exact, Berlusconi BML conj Moon!!! Merkel BML conj Saturn.

    One of my fellow tweeters, Barbara, pointed me in the direction of some German sources. German astrologers have been using BM Lilith for years though, with good results I’m told, so there must be something in it. I can’t find any of their work in translation. The one they work with is BM Lilith, signified by the crescent moon and a cross. So that’s the one I’m using.