The Breath of the Zodiac

Thursday December 29th 2011

I love this time between Christmas and New Year. I like to stay quiet in my lair and think and talk and stare at the fire. It’s a pause in the year’s activity like the white space at the end of a paragraph.

It’s deeply, profoundly, awesomely yin – that is dark, introverted, earthy, connected to the bowels of the world. The world is taking the deepest in breath of the year. Just as Aries shouts, Capricorn takes the big belly breath. 

Think of the world breathing with the Zodiac: exhaling on the positive signs (fire and air), inhaling on the negative signs (earth and water).

Here’s what I wrote about the Yin of Capricorn last year.

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  1. Neeti says:

    A very happy new year to you, Christine. And thank you for all you share.

    Loved this post, by the way.

  2. Nebula says:

    Thank you, Christine. I love this post! As a Christmas born girl, with my natal moon in Aries, I have always loved the Yin of Christmas, followed by the resolute yang-ness of the New Year.
    May 2012 bring you harmony and balance!