Correction – Which Planet Rules Which Metal

Sunday January 29th 2012

I see I wrote that Saturn rules iron in my post about Mrs T. It’s a bit more complicated than that. She has Saturn in Scorpio, which is ruled by the iron planet Mars. In Western astrology, Saturn rules lead, Mars rules iron.

However, in Vedic astrology, Saturn does rule iron.

I’ll leave it there, shall I?


OK. Here’s the traditional western list

Sun – Gold 

Moon – Silver
Mercury – Quicksilver
Venus – Copper 
Mars – Iron
Jupiter – Tin 
Saturn – Lead
And there’s a certain amount of disagreement among Vedic sources, but most agree on this:
Sun – Copper 

Moon – Silver
Mercury – Zinc
Venus – also Silver
Mars – Brass  
Jupiter – Gold 
Saturn – Iron 

For more on the vedic associations of planets click here.

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    what about steel