Astrology of Now: Are You Really Ready To Commit?

Tuesday February 28th 2012
John and Yoko married on March 20,1969.

It’s nearly February 29th, the day we laydeez are supposed to get down on our bended knees and propose. So it’s nice that Venus, the maiden planet, is in trousers right now, sorry that’s in Aries. And she is just reaching an opposition with the planet of commitment, Saturn, in the sign of relationships.

Saturn is retrograding, of course, so you may find yourself going over old territory in terms of relationship. When the old man goes backwards like this, it’s as if we have to be extra-specially sure of the foundations of something. In Libra, it’s likely to be our one-to-one long-term partnership, our sense of commitment to another human being.

With Venus in opposition in independently-minded Aries, there is only one question you need to answer: do you love each other enough?

If the answer to that is yes, then look no further than the asteroid Juno. Juno rules marriage and she’s coming up to a conjunction with the North Node in Sagittarius. Make a commitment now, and your marriage could turn out to be a big adventure.

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    Should I ask him to marry me?