Massacres in Syria

Wednesday February 8th 2012
Bosnia: concentration camps in the 1990s

What’s happening in Syria is very, very nasty. It’s reminding me too much of Bosnia in the early nineties, when the UN decided not to intervene and the result was horror.

In June, I wrote a piece about Syria which is accurate. Please click here to read it. It contains two charts – one for the Assad regime and one for Syrian independence – and explains the background.

Right now, Mars is retrograding through the 10th house of government in the Assad regime’s chart. This is in Virgo, the regime is “cleaning up”. Pluto, the oppressor, is also in that house natally. We are going to see more violence from Assad as long as Mars is in this part of the chart. That is until mid-June. They may appear to be winning.

However, there is an important transit taking place which may augur well – in the long run. Neptune has just swept past the regime’s North Node on the IC and into hopeful Pisces. Let’s pray he sweeps away the regime’s foundations. In other words, it’s actually “all over bar the fighting”, but the fighting could go on a long, long time.

The question then for the people of Syria will be who’s in charge? Foreign intervention could also last a lot longer than anyone bargained for.

With Uranus, the planet of revolution, in the first sign, Aries and still opposing the Assad regime’s natal Pluto, it could be time for a another new chart for one of the world’s oldest civilisations.

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  1. Alan says:

    Sobering reading! My mother has a Syrian friend who says: Behave properly and you will fear nobody. Let’s hope that is true and that the bloody cycle of revenge you have predicted is not too prolonged.

  2. P says:

    It will be interesting, I think, to see who will win, given Neptune in Pisces vs Pluto in Cap.
    I say this because Neptune is also about amnesia and confusion. So, it leads me to wonder:
    a) Will Assad go at all? (unlikely for him to stay)
    b) How will a trial (because there HAS to be a trial) against him proceed? Will it end like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi – summarily executed?

  3. P says:

    A different thought, so a different comment: Are different horoscopes for a country connected? Meaning, do they radically differ? Or do they show the continuity of history?
    For a country like India or France, for example, where each place had regional kingdoms / feifdoms, as well as experiencing overarching central governments, I wonder how this would work.
    I also think what I just did was to over-analyze things. Mother was right, Christina, I DO think too much 😀

  4. Christina says:

    Hey P! On the contrary – your comments are interesting and thoughtful.

    1. Yes. Neptune in Pisces vs Pluto in Capricorn. Or will they somehow work together. Usually they do since they are in sextile.

    Right now – I see a mess. There are so many outside interests involved – Turkey, Israel, the US, Iran, Russia, the Arab states. All of whom will want to have a say in what happens to Syria. And since it’s not a state in the same way as, say, Egypt, it’s likely to fall apart quite easily.

    2. Now I have written on this very subject somewhere on this site, I don’t think you are over-analysing at all. The UK for example has at least two good charts. Then there’s one each for England, Scotland, Wales and the two halves of Ireland. Although I’m not sure what the Welsh one is.

    Partly, which chart you use depends on the question.

    There is always a relationship between the charts. And that relationship tells a story.