12 Ways To Embrace Mars in Virgo

Sunday April 8th 2012
The action planet Mars has slowly toiled backwards through Virgo for months, but now there is only one more week to go. He turns on the 14th. Then we’ll still have another two months of Mars in Virgo as he makes his way back through almost the entire sign. On July 4, he moves into Libra.

Mars retrograde is about redoing stuff, or even undoing it. Have a look at where Virgo is in your chart and that should give you some idea of what it is you should be re-examining. And remember Virgo is about healing.

Here are some possibilities. This works better for rising signs but also for Sun signs.

Your duties and routines. What has become drudgery, what could be more efficient? If you have a duty that’s become exceptionally onerous in the last few months, the pressure should ease from the 14th.

Your leisure. Have you been able to acquire a new skill that’s required a lot of practice? If not why are you wasting your spare time?

Have you done all the repairs you should have? That is on your home or on your family? You’ll get a further chance to heal both while Mars moves forward through Virgo.

Is the aggro between you and a sibling or neighbour really worth the trouble? Can you find a better way of relating? How much of it is your fault? You still have time to repair the damage and move forward. There is no point in staying stuck in the past – or in developing bad patterns that could last far longer than is good for you.

You may feel as if someone has ripped a hole in your wallet. The opportunity to stitch it shut and possibly even replenish it will come when Mars moves forward again. Meanwhile, figure out what’s been going wrong – or who has been ripping you off.

If you have been forced to slow down for the past few months because of your health, look on it as a wake up call. Virgo’s tend to be either health nuts or total self-abusers. Either way, you may have been overdoing it. Take your body’s call for a time out seriously. The other way this may have manifested is through the acquisition of a new skill that required practice – say playing tennis. If you did that, congratulations.

You may have been feeling stymied for some reason – either physically or mentally you’ve been in a holding pattern. Every time you try to push ahead with a plan, it fizzles out. This is because you have not been ready. You have two more months to prepare for the personal relaunch that will take place when Mars enters your sign for a two month stay on July 4.

What is it about your social network that needs fixing? Do you see too many people you don’t give a fig for and not enough of your real friends? You may well already have taken action. If not there is still time to heal the rifts and rethink your plans. Then from mid-month, things can move forward.

Has there been blood on the floor at your workplace? Or have you just had to work and work and work relentlessly with no reward in sight? If so, the end is nigh. The pressure should feel more productive after mid-April – hey, you may even be rewarded – and Mars leaves your career house on July 4.

For you this may have been quite a fortuitous retrograde, bringing the chance to go deeper into a subject that you love more quickly and efficiently than you would have thought possible. Revision time is now over. It’s time to try applying what you know practically and seeing if it needs further adjustment.

Either you’ve been adjusting your debt or reigniting your sex life. Both have been quite private matters, I’m sure. Be prepared for all the effort you’ve been putting into either balancing your books or the learning the kama sutra to start paying off.

It’s all been about the other guy. Someone may have been giving you a lot of aggro – or relighting your fire. Whatever the scenario, it’s pretty much been out of your control. He or she has been taking all the action, or withholding all the action. Things may have become pretty stuck, but they should start to unblock mid-month and by the time Mars leaves Virgo, you will have learned a valuable lesson about an important relationship.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, let’s see: it’s meant a great deal of digestive problems (back on acid blockers), a fall down a flight of stairs, followed by MRI’s and other (more) unpleasant intestinal stuff, and on the bright side, a surprise trip to Big Sky, MT courtesy of my in-laws. I couldn’t ski, but I’m not complaining, just being there was glorious. I have prog Mars in Gemini in the 1st house, so the Mercury/Mars/Virgo stuff has been quite a mixed blessing! Also, dealing with my son’s learning disabilities (again) – the “re-doing” quality of Rx planets. (5th house prog Virgo planets)