Inspector Montalbano Mi Piace Tantissimo

Friday April 13th 2012

Can you guess this man’s sign?

Let me give you some clues.

His black shirt and his shaved head, his solitude and his silences, his solo morning swim in the sea. His job: he is a police detective.

His love life: messy.

Have you guessed yet? You’ll laugh when you look at the chart.

No birth time.

Luca Zingaretti is the the actor who plays Commissario Monatalbano in the Italian TV series, which has all ladies of certain age, balding gentleman and lovers of Sicily in Britain gripped right now.

Yes, the actor’s chart always has a relationship to the part he plays, especially if it’s over a long period. Zingaretti has played Montalbano since 1999. (We’re so behind the curve here.)

Oh, did I mention he’s tremendously sexy.

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  1. Louise says:

    I did laugh! And yep, agreeing on the sexiness. Great excuse to put the photo up 😉 xx

  2. Obviously a Scorpio! That direct challenging stare was a dead giveaway too. 🙂

  3. Sabrina says:

    Ha! I new it…his eyes say it all.

  4. Opal says:

    hahaha! I haven’t watched this because i thought no one can be as sexy as ‘ol Rufus in Zen – but hell, I’m on it now:)

  5. Sarah Mc says:

    And oh so sensitive, considerate towards old ladies, compassionate towards suffering children and quick to exert his dominance if his friend Mimi gets too close to Livia, his girlfriend! And by George, look at that Mercury nestling in the arms of gorgeous Venus! Such charm!

  6. … and Ceres in Taurus trine Jupiter… he loves eating and eating well 🙂