So You Thought Lilith Was Always a Woman…

Saturday April 21st 2012

Talented Mr Ripley cover

In my last post I pointed out that the extraordinarily brilliant writer Patricia Highsmith had dark, disturbing Lilith conjunct her Mercury, the planet of mind and writing. One of the things that makes her writing so remarkable is her ability to get under the skin of evil.

Her greatest creation is Mr. Ripley, killer, conman, chameleon – psychopath. She wrote five spine-chilling novels featuring the talented Mr. Ripley.

These novels have been filmed several times. Most memorable for me are Matt Damon’s creepily intense performance as the malevolent Ripley in the 1999 Anthony Minghella movie, and Alain Delon’s earlier take on the same role in René Clement’s Plein Soleil (1960).

Matt Damon: Mercury conjunct Lilith to the degree in Libra.
Alain Delon: Lilith in Libra also, in the 1st (8° from Asc) trine North Node
Anthony Minghella: Lilith in the craftsman’s sign Virgo, trine North Node exact
René Clement: Lilith in Pisces (illusions), trine the film-maker’s Neptune, 5° from Pisces Sun

They all understood what Highsmith was getting at.

Watch this clip and hear Lilith speaking.

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  1. Yow Christina, I LOVE the new format. It’s way easier for us visual types to search with. Quite fascinated w/ your work on Lillith. L. is exact conjunct my MC in Sag. I just moved in to a big new studio in a building of working artists, after 20 yrs in home studio. The building’s chart has giant stellium in Sag and puts its Jup conjunct exact my MC. Building mates keep walking in to see what’s going on and want to hear wild ideas and collaborate on projects! The public walks in and wants clay art classes and to hang out in the space and talk to me. Someone even approached me to occasionally rent the small gallery part for performances and workshops. This momentum is building and feels like a wild ride could ensue. It doesn’t feel particularly dark so far, more like mutually catalytic and liberating for folks. Maybe the darkness will show up in its own time. It’s so strange and wonderful my own personal wildness is finally an asset. I just have to keep my mouth shut and listen, others seem to want to share theirs. Go figure!

  2. Christina says:

    Lakshmi – you are surely allowing your Lilith the right space to breath and be free. A Lilith like that must express herself creatively.

  3. Isy Aweigh says:

    I loved Steve whatsisname in that role. I only knew him from Coupling so I was astounded at the poised & delicate chemistry he brought to the role. Matt Damon was creepily pitch perfect.

  4. Christina says:

    Matt Damon is brilliant at portraying convincing psychopaths. I love him in The Departed too.

    Among other things I was impressed by how, as Ripley, he is not afraid to play totally unattractive.

  5. P says:

    I think part of the attractiveness of Ripley, or psychopaths in general, is the charm – which is simply the spider charming the fly into his web. Also, Mercury conjunct Lilith: Matt Damon is able to play quick-witted, even charming people with nasty secrets.
    Plus in ‘…Ripley’ note the art direction: Damon’s physical appearance is never ‘dark’; there’s always light tones.
    You know C, this puts me in mind: check out the Mad Style series on the blog . Brilliant analysis on how the costumes and sets of the ‘Mad Men’ series tell parallel stories to the script and plot. Great stuff.

  6. Hey There!
    I found your blog ercently and I must say that I really like what I have been reading so far. Haven’t had the time to read trough everything yet but I’m on my way. Your latest post about Mr Ripley really gave me something to think about 🙂
    Looking forwardto your next post!

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