What’s Your Job on the Ship of Life?

Tuesday April 10th 2012

One of the things that astrology teaches is that we need all kinds of different skills and qualities to keep the ship of life afloat. Society needs to work together to get things done.  And quite often the person who is most annoying in one role – say, the gossip at the school gates – is highly efficient in another – say, as a city councillor. We need the busy bodies, the fighters, yes, even the bullies sometimes – as well as the singers, the lazybones and those of us who sit around talking about the stars.

You wouldn’t want your excellent baker to be your surgeon, or your policeman to be your nurse, would you? We all have something to contribute and we all have a niche to fill.

Imagine we were on a ship sometime in the 18th century.

The signs I have assigned are just suggestions. But on our ship we might need:

a captain – Leo or Capricorn

a navigator – Capricorn or Aquarius

a surgeon – Virgo or Scorpio

a fiddler – Gemini

a singer – Pisces

a cook – Cancer

a bosun – Sagittarius

a sailmaker – Scorpio

a carpenter – Taurus

a ship’s boy – ?

some soldiers – Aries or Scorpio

a lookout – Aries

an old hand – ?

a first mate – Libra

You see where I’m going with this… maybe you have some ideas of your own?


Because we might encounter

pirates – Pluto

electrical storms or mutiny – Uranus

a great whale – Neptune


Each of us has to play our part in the drama.

Sometimes, of course, the tricky thing is to figure out which role is yours – especially if you’re really pretty good at three or four. The thing to remember is that our roles are not necessarily static – and nor do we have just one. For example our captain may well also be our navigator. Our cook may also be our bottle-washer.

Which do you think you are? And how does that work with your chart?

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  1. Moonchild says:

    Oh my goodness – I want to be ship’s boy – all the fun and none of responsibility. That’ll be the Gemini Moon talking…

  2. Morvah says:

    Aries with Scorpio rising, looks like I’m lumbered with soldiery – can I at least be Admiral? Actually, you know, I think I’d prefer my sails to be sewn by Virgo and my bones sawn by a Scorpio if that’s OK :)(and my 4th house Sun will take a turn in the galley)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Leo with Leo Rising – I really hate getting wet, so can I just be the Owner? I could stay in Bristol and smoke a big cigar

  4. P says:

    I’ll be ship chronicler, cook-baker, counsellor and wellness co-ordinator. Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon in 11h house, Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury in 8th in Gemini.

  5. Aleta says:

    I am a Pisces but I wouldn’t be anywhere near that ship – I get seasick and hate being stuck anywhere I can’t get escape from quickly….maybe I would be a mermaid swimming underneath?

  6. Christina says:

    Aw that’s sweet Aleta. I can see we could well have a problem with cabin fever. And P, how perfectly you’ve chosen you work. Hmm now how does this apply to real life?

  7. jess says:

    Ship’s cat please – Leo Sun, Cancer Moon

  8. Gilly says:

    Well lawks a lawdy! My first, immediate, instinctive reaction (before I read your list) was navigator! I adore maps, compasses and astronomy. 😀

    I’m Capricorn – Sun + 4 more planets – and Aquarius MC. I have a Leo Moon and I don’t like taking orders; I would probably want to be Captain, but am hopefully wise enough (Cappy Saturn) to know I’d be dreadful at it. 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    navigator is virgo, my man. I have never seen a virgo lose his/her way. There was a virgo girl in our class that we called ‘GPS’. She was always taking us to the places where we were all foreigners. And she was a foreigner too. One more guy I know, was always telling stories about his finding difficult addresses and remembering streets. Everyone was using him as a GPS gadget too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well Christina, I really can’t agree to your choices of work for the different signs.
    I would have a different list :

    aries : 1st mate / gunner / soldier

    taurus: singer / 2nd cook

    gemini : ship’s boy / soldier / lookout

    cancer: 1st cook / bosun / sailmaker

    leo : captain

    virgo : cleaner / carpenter

    libra : fiddler / soldier / gunner

    scorpio : surgeon / navigator / secret agent

    sagittarius : gunner / soldier / bosun

    capricorn : 1st mate / ‘old hand’

    aquarius : navigator / ‘old hand’

    pisces : sailmaker / 3rd cook

    Note : cooking is very important (so 3 cooks, just in case !!)

    I myself am a widder sun / leo ascendant – so I could only be the admiral / captain of the ship.


    • Jassi J says:

      `el capitan comes too talk with me for some directions, for he knows I am the power behind the throne. Leo, Sun in 12th. Then again, Virgo ascending, I’ll be de-Cluttering and keeping the deck tidy, maybe also scribe what’s happening day to day. Libra Moon, I ain’t gonna decide when the mutiny takes place, don’t want to make any too many waves in the High Seas.

    • Christina says:

      There ought to be some mutineers aboard too…

  11. Could a young boy be the North Node and the old man be the South?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am a Cap married to a Leo and my child is bearing the brunt.possibly the worst combo of zodiac.Lord save the ship!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I fear Aries will settle for nothing less than Captain… or there will be mutiny… Heather

  14. Think I agree more with ‘Anonymous” list….though as an Aquarian I’ll go with singer/problem solver. I can’t navigate myself out of a lift…and have never met an Aquarian gifted in that area. We come up with IDEAS and live in our own worlds, we’re no good at operating in the real one 😉

  15. Luke N says:

    Oxford Astrologer, I thought this was a very interesting post. I agree that everyone plays a role in society and that everyone has a niche to fill. My sign matches captain of the ship, which is what I would like to be, and I believe I fit will in leadership roles. But I also feel like I could fit several of those other descriptions listed. I also appreciate how you pointed out that our roles are not static because while I don’t mind taking the lead role sometimes I like to let others take the lead. I love reading your monthly horoscopes too, I find them very relatable.

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