10 Things To Do With Mercury in Taurus

Monday May 14th 2012

Mercury, which rules thought and communication, is currently in practical Taurus. This is good for everybody, because it means we have a real chance to get a few things done. You have until May 24, when we return to just talking about everything a lot.

Mercury rules the hands, so do any tasks that require craftsmanship, skill and a sense of harmony now. Mercury is also about commerce, thinking. Taurus is about banking and saving, of course, but also about making things real, and ruled by Venus, Taurus is about art.

The motto for this week is: Make Do and Mend

1. Put up a garden shed (anything to do with woodwork)
2. Plant your lettuces (anything to do with gardens)
3. Knit a (small) sweater
4. Solve the Euro-crisis (between mending the garden fence and whipping up a trifle, OK.)
5. Bake a fancy cake
6. Balance your own budget. (I’m serious, if you can stand it.)
7. Cook a fabulous gourmet meal and then eat it in bed (with a lover preferably, but, hey, on you own if you must.)
8. Stick your hands in a huge mound of clay and get creative
9. Fix just about anything around the house
10. Solve, in a rational, logical way, some problem that has been gnawing at you.

Now the reason I’m writing this post today is because Mercury has incredibly powerful support at the moment – from the two most macho planets in the solar system, Mars and Pluto. They are also in Earth signs and in a perfect harmonious angle. Mars, the planet of action, is in crafty Virgo, again suggesting that detailed work should go well right now.

As you know, Pluto, power, is in Capricorn for years, but he’s not always going to get this kind of support from the fleeter planets, so if there’s an issue around power in your life, you could talk about it and reach a practical solution this week.)

Working together, these Mars, Mercury and Pluto can really help you get things done over the next few days.

Main pic: This is a 19th century soldier’s quilt from the Museum of American Folk Art. 

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  1. mm says:

    I do follow transits but I really hadn’t registered the implications of Merc in Taurus till I read this. But what have I been doing for the last few days? Sorting out my bank accounts, shredding old statements, phoning the banks for tax certificates for my tax return, moving money around for a (marginally) better rate. Just seemed like the right time …..

    What a gorgeous quilt.

  2. Christina says:

    I realised something was up when my beloved suddenly took it upon himself to fix the garden shed, wielding his power drill with such rare speed and efficiency. Now there’s a proper roof plus shelves and hooks – thank you Merc in Taur.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All of this exactly (except Euro-crisis and budget balancing) was on my to-do list since yesterday. I would say, it was more like I-guess-I-might-try-to-do-it-tomorrow type of a thing. Even gardening! I don’t have a garden or backyard, I only have a small patio, but went to a garden center last weekend and bought some gardening tools, some seeds, etc., and was going to do something with my tiny piece of land I have there. And I’m not even into gardening! I see now how Mercury in Taurus work :^)


    • Christina says:

      Mercury in Taurus: you should be able to make almost anything…

    • Anonymous says:

      Great post Christina l enjoy being here!
      l also had a realization… where my art obsession comes from thanks to this post. l have natal Mercury in Taurus and l am a big art lover!! l also make things myself (drawings/illustrations deisgn)….sure l have an opposition from natal uranus and a sqaure from natal Saturn… and natal Neptune is aspecting it. l love weird off beat/surreal dreamy art, serious please 🙂
      anyhow thanks for this! Joe

    • Christina says:

      And the whole vibe is reinforced by Venus in Gemini, which puts Venus in mutual reception with Mercury. They are in each other’s signs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That sounds great it sure feels like that sometimes. it falls in the 9 th house I also love my astrology. But I’m happy with the taurean energy! Xx