Astrology of Now: Gilded Venus

Wednesday May 16th 2012

Yes, I know we like to talk about roses and kisses and sweet romance, about Romeos and Juliets, the ones that got away and the ones that might just come back now that Venus has turned retrograde…

But Venus is not just the planet of love – she rules money, cold hard cash. And she’s retrograding in the sign of commerce, Gemini. Gemini is about give and take: that means communications, yes, but it also means buying and selling.

Venus is about value. Literally, what stuff do you value, what can you sell, what do you need to buy? And also about ethical or philosophical values. What is more important: getting a hair cut or giving money to the beggar on the corner of your street? Tax avoidance or contributing to the health service?

But there’s even more in the current planetary set-up that’s talking about money, value and income.

Venus is trining Saturn in Libra for an unusually long time. That’s because she is pretty much standing still for a week or so, as she stations retrograde. This is a huge opportunity to rethink, revalue, redo. It’s a good aspect.

And let me tell you, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande are going to be doing just that as they discuss the future of the euro.

So Saturn is about austerity, tightening the belt, establishing rules. But it’s retrograde, so those rules may well be re-written. What is more Libra is another commercial sign. Those Libran scales were originally those of a merchant an ancient Near Eastern market. Libra, ruled by Venus, is about weighing and assessing the value of things. Libra is about compromise, agreement, balance. We’re talking about balancing the budget here – but also about balancing moral and ethical concerns with fiscal ones.

What is more Mercury is still in Taurus until May 24. That means that Venus and Mercury are in what’s called “mutual reception”: Venus is in Mercury’s sign and vice-versa. This strengthens the money talks energy.

The world economy is still in deep, deep trouble. Debt in the West is like the endless porridge in the fairy tale. It just keeps growing and growing and no one seems to remember the formula to make it stop. Pretty soon, unless we can remember to say, “Stop borrowing,” we are all going to be overwhelmed by the debt porridge.

We are seeing major planetary activity in Gemini over the next few weeks. First we have the eclipse on the 20th, then the famous Transit of Venus, across the Sun on June 6.  I would expect to see a lot of volatility in exchange rates and stock markets.  For a brilliant analysis of the meaning of Venus retrograde for the wider economy, read Ray Merriman’s analysis for the Week of May 7.

But what does this all mean for you personally? This will effect all of us. Even if no planets or angles are hit in your own chart, expect some major news about money over the next few months.

Venus is retrograding across these degrees: 23°59 Gemini back to 7°29 Gemini from now until June 27, but she’ll stay in the “shadow”until the end of July, and in Gemini until Aug 7. Look to see where the retrograde is in your chart. That is where you need to rethink, revalue, rebalance the books literally and metaphorically. The eclipse is at 0° Gemini, the very start of the sign, and the occultation on June 6 is at 15°, the very centre of the sign.

(As an aside, Angela Merkel Desc is 16°Gemini. Hollande’s Lilith and Neptune are at 23°Libra and his Asc is at 7° Gemini.)

Venus rules the heart. Mercury rules the head. This transit is asking you to get both working together. And in a most practical way (remember Saturn is involved). If you need to rethink how money is working in your life, now’s the time. Grab the opportunity.

Main pic: Shirley Masterson in Goldfinger (1964).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My sun jupiter and mc are all in the 10 th in gemeni so Venus will hit my carriere sector…what I value in my work how to improve things will be themes. I have decided to keep on making things behind closed doors for now.exciting times. I feel things changing in lot of ways. Xx joe

  2. Isy Aweigh says:

    Oh how a propos… I have at Gemini, all in my 2nd house, Eros at ~26 conjunct Jupiter at 27, and Nessus at the other end at 5.30. From core desires multiplied to tearing off the skin. Same old same old, around here 🙂 But I’m on much better terms with Venus and Jupiter than I used to be, and much calmer about money & clearer about values (blessings of middle age!) so I’m intrigued more than disturbed. It’s going very interestingly so far, and I find there’s a deeply freeing element to this energy. It’s like the retrograde is cutting through scar tissue and releasing trapped limbs. Now to work them out and rebuild some muscle. Perhaps the eclipse at 0, my first house of self, will help set that going.

    I’m deeply intrigued by the retrograde occultation. Is it normally retro when it occcults the sun? Couldn’t find mention of that online.

  3. P says:

    Mostly Taurus in the 7th; ruled by Venus at the tail-end of the 7th (almost 8th). I’m cutting off guys who won’t be bothered to even return texts (really, how much trouble does it take to say, I’m busy for the next couple of weeks)

    2nd house (under traditional rulership of Venus) is in the opposite house – Sagittarius. I’m having to evaluate money and spending and earning (doesn’t everybody? The banks in Canada keep threatening us with starvation unless we submit to their tyranny. You know, through those smiley faced ads encouraging us to “invest”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Sure)

    But, yeah, MUCH food for thought. Such interesting times, C! Will we live through them?

  4. P says:

    Oh: And what of Facebook’s IPO and trading and stock value? Hmm…..

  5. TomTom says:

    BTw it is Shirley Eaton playing Jill Masterson