Swindle Revealed

Thursday June 28th 2012

Those bankers are incorrigible: first they cheat, then they lie, then they try to cover it up, and then they shop each other. A charming bunch of people we have taking care of our money.

It was revealed  today that traders at Barclay’s Bank have been fiddling the figures to make themselves richer and their bank look better than it was. The consequences of their greed are too far-reaching to even be properly quantified. Just look at the chart for this morning.

Venus (money) and Saturn (comeuppance) both turned direct this week. Venus is in Gemini (markets) of course, but she’s also at close but awkward angle to Pluto, which is the planet of sordid secrets. The Sun is just applying to an opposition to Pluto too, so we have a light being shone on the sewers.

Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign that rules institutions – and boy are we finding out about the corruption and incompetence in our core institutions…

But this latest revelation may just be the tip of another scandal-berg. Look at how the South Node is in a sandwich between Jupiter and Venus. Like Pluto, the South Node is about evacuation sometimes. Bluntly, it’s where the shit comes out. Jupiter and the SN are applying to each other.

Then there’s the Moon conjuncting Saturn in Libra this morning. This chart is set for when I first heard the news. The Moon is a trigger, of course, and Saturn in Libra has been all about rebalancing the books. Libra is about fairness, a subject we’ve heard a lot about in the last couple of years – the 99% vs the 1% for example. Saturn is leaving Libra in October – and when the taskmaster moves into Scorpio things could get much tougher for the people whose crimes have been revealed in the past few years.

When Saturn goes through Libra, we have the judgement. When Saturn goes through Scorpio, we get the punishment.

It’s interesting that Saturn is rather alone at the end of the sign there. Most of the other planets (aside from this morning’s Moon) are at the beginning of signs and in some aspect to each other. Can justice prevail? Or will the people gambling with our money get away with it again?

I think the fact that this case has opened up just after the first Uranus-Pluto square tells us that it ain’t over yet. Anyone who’s been fiddling the books in the City should not rest easy tonight.

I’ve written more on this now. Click here to read it.

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  1. mm says:

    Absolutely. I’m glad you’ve covered this topic. I’ve been so aware of the effects of the Venus station the past few weeks. Dirty washing being well and truly aired in public. E.g. Jimmy Carr et al, the RBS ongoing debacle etc etc etc. I agree with you. I just don’t think that it’s in the nature of Uranus/Pluto to let anyone off the hook – at least in the long term.

    (On a different note, the HMQ/Martin McGuinness handshake yesterday at an arts exhibition seemed – to me anyway – a happier manifestation of Venus stationing in Gemini).

  2. Em says:

    One part of me has yet to be surprised by the events Pluto in Capricorn has brought about, but another part is saying “Barclay’s! Is nothing sacred?”

    Apparently not.

    It will be interesting to see what else occurs as the moon moves through this chart. And what the next 6! exact squares bring about.

  3. Christina says:

    mm – You are right about the handshake.

    A friend of mine with Jupiter in Pisces was offered the same deal as Jimmy Carr about four years ago (and no he’s not a gazillionaire), but he turned it down because although it was legal, he felt it was bad karma. In his words. “I think that would come back and bite me in the bum.” So he turned it down and changed accountants.

    Em – I know exactly what you mean. You know it’s supposed to be like this – and yet and yet….

  4. mm says:

    “A friend of mine with Jupiter in Pisces was offered the same deal as Jimmy Carr about four years ago (and no he’s not a gazillionaire), but he turned it down because although it was legal, he felt it was bad karma. In his words. “I think that would come back and bite me in the bum.” So he turned it down and changed accountants.”

    I’ve been wondering what I would have done if I had lots of money and a dodgy accountant. Think my response would have been the same as your friend’s. I would have had a bad conscience and – yes – it would have seemed that I would probably be setting myself up for some very bad karma.

  5. Christina says:

    I hope I would too, but I feel some sympathy for Carr. After all, he is a comedian not a bookkeeper. So he probably leaves the money stuff to the accountant and believes him or her when he’s told it’s the right thing to do.

  6. Em says:

    In a way, it’s a part of Pluto in Capricorn too. No more leaving one’s power (and business and money generated by one’s business) in a trusted associate’s hands. I’m losing track of how many actors/musicians/comedians/novelists have lost their shirts this way.

    Perhaps not a surprise when you think about Pluto having rulership over other people’s resources. If there’s been … creative accounting, it will come out. Though I also feel sympathy, a great deal, for those who are in Carr’s position.

  7. Anonymous says:

    10 billion pounds wiped off the value of British banks and a Treasury Spokesman saying: ‘What we’re hearing is that everyone was at it’. HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland – all being fined. Anyone for a new Carry On? “Carry On Banking – Everyone is At It’. A J-Arthur is right 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    what does your crystal ball reveal about Julian Assange. Uranus 1/2 return in the offing. ihope it turn out well for him and us.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The swindles have always been in evidence, its just that now the ordinary public – and that is those who only listen to the mainstream media – have now been informed. For three years the LIBOR manipulation has been known. Hell, max keiser was talking about this a few months ago. So why now are the authorities shocked? Trying to cover their backside maybe?

    The fines are a sham as well. Its like taking back fifty pence from someone who has taken £500. To the bankers its worth it. An occupational hazard – a price of business.

    I am intersted to see what happens when saturn goes into scorpio. A mutual reception with pluto for about 2 and half years.

  10. Christina says:

    Yes – even the mainstream media, The Economist, published stuff about this ages ago. Why is everyone getting in a snit about it now? Because of the timing. And because there’s probably a whole lot more that’s about to come out. We are being spun, as usual.

    And too true about the laughable fine.

    I think Saturn in Scorpio is going to be a game changer. It will transit the Big Bang Sun – see my next piece.