Wild Thing

Saturday June 16th 2012

Woke up wondering about Jimi Hendrix’s Lilith…. As you do…

Seventh house – no wonder he needed to know for sure.
What a chart!
And here is a link to the king of the wild things.


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  1. Opal says:

    Lol! I went to sleep last night thinking about Elvis’s Lilith (8th house Leo, unsurprisingly)

    That’s some chart, I agree. Definitely a wild thing…all that Sagittarius opposite Uranus.

  2. Christina says:

    And those adorable mini-grand-trines with their arms around each other.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was never into the guy and cant see the fascination with him. I did see from the chart you give the saturn in gem opposing the sun. This guy was controlled and completely uncontrolled imho:)

    • Christina says:

      Good point about the Saturn. He was fighting demons, but he himself was the demon. Somewhere – either on the blog or elsewhere – I have a whole fistful of die-young Sadges.

  4. Unknown says:

    Don’t forget Sun/Venus for charm,beauty and grace.