Astrology of Now: Eclipse Pressure

Tuesday November 27th 2012

This lunar eclipse today puts an enormous amount of pressure on the poor old Moon in Gemini. It’s as if all the bullies in the playground are standing in a semi-circle pointing an accusing finger at her.

Just look at the chart (see below) and you can see that every planet except Mercury is in close aspect to the Moon, and the only one holding out the hand of friendship is Uranus in Aries – not the most dependable of allies. The Moon applies to cosy Jupiter, so may get some comfort in the arms of Jove, but even that’s not always quite what a girl wants.

Something’s gotta give. And it could be the Moon.

Alice is the Moon in Gemini
– the curious child

Personally, the effect depends on where this eclipse falls in your chart. But often with this kind of transit, the Moon is an actual woman. Someone in your life (important or quite peripheral) may leave or may be under pressure. The Moon is also the inner child. Try to be kind.

With Jupiter on hand, it could be a case of leaving behind something it what appears to be bad order only to walk into something else much better.

There is one other element to the mix which is just fascinating, and that is Lilith conjuncting the Moon at that tough 8°. It’s as if she’s standing next to her friend and taking some of the flak. You can see that she’s the one who gets the direct hit from Pluto-Mars (the butchest bullies) and Venus in Scorpio (just mean and spiteful).

I can see those two girls in the playground. The Moon is that sweet-faced little kid with the big eyes and the imagination, and Lilith is her wild-haired friend with the dirty knees. Together they may be able to face down the bullies. If you feel under attack tomorrow, try calling on your inner wild woman (or man).

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  1. Lachesis says:

    Someone said to me today: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog” [thanks Dave, and Mark Twain]. That seems strangely appropriate for these astrological times, and oddly empowering…

  2. Sabrina says:

    Well, my day was pretty hectic yesterday. With lots of mercury and Gemini affairs going slightly off the course. Including my car at some point (my mars at 5 gem…) I’m hoping I just felt it in advance.
    But I’ve noticed with eclipses is good to wait few days to see the effects.

  3. Christina says:

    Definitely. There’s all this build up and everyone expects it to go bang and in fact it can just be like a key turning in a lock and then after a few days the door swings open.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Love that image, is a perfect description. Although last year when the eclipse was on Sag (and Mercury Rx) it went Bang, just later. Mm…maybe it was because of Merc rx? Is the the Gemini-Sag axis after all. Thinking out loud here.