Sleeping Nature, Fire Within

Friday December 21st 2012

In the Northern Hemisphere, nature is sleeping. The leaves have fallen and the ground is frost-hard. Here at England’s navel, dusk is at 4pm. The dark is rising outside my window.

Today the Sun moved into the sign of the strange goatfish, Capricorn, ruled by cold Saturn. Capricorn is the lady of stone and mountain, cemeteries and foundation: steely ambition, harsh discipline, solid structure.

But when the world is dark and cold outside, our homes are ablaze with fire and light. Families and friends gather together inside to celebrate, play and quarrel. The warmth must come from within.

This is, of course, what the Christmas story is about. Even in this, the year’s darkest hour, new life and light is born. Another appellation for Jesus is “Light of the World“.

For Roman astrologers, Capricorn had a tutelary deity, that is a helper, advisor, friend, as well as a ruler. This was Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, the domestic goddess, who was worshipped in every household across the empire. Imagine then, that Capricorns may be ruled by cool, worldly Saturn, but they are aided by this goddess of warmth, nurturing and of the home. This idea gives the sign a beautiful balance.

We know this in our lives: if darkness gathers around us – war, hunger, depression – we look inward for warmth and light. It’s always there, even if the flame has dulled to an ember.

Happy winter solstice!

Christmas Eve by Karl Larsson
Go Vesta….

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  1. MaryH says:

    Oh, thank you for this post! As a December 25 baby, I always use this time of the year for review and self-reflection. And I have a Saturn/Vesta conjunction in my natal chart; every word of this post resonated with me!Happy Holidays and best wishes!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting! I’ve got Vesta in Libra in the 8th square my Capricorn ascendant. (I’m a multiple conjunct Scorpio in the 10th.) It’s all starting to make sense now…

  3. diastella says:

    My Sun is in Cap and I also have Saturn conjunct Vesta (in the 8th in Aries) – fascinating. Thank you.

  4. Diane L says:

    This post resonates w/me too. I live at 47°N & the dark rolls in between 4-5PM.

    I have a natal Vesta in Pisces in the 4th. Been baking all week! 🙂


  5. Gilly says:

    Oh, this is fascinating! I’ve come to realise Vesta is very important in my chart. Whenever something major – good or bad – happens, there she is, transiting somewhere significant.

    I’ve never heard of Vesta’s joint rulership of Capricorn, but – with 5 planets, the DC and POF all in Cap – it makes massive sense to me.

    Thank you! And have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too.

  6. Christina says:

    I love all the Vesta-Cap stuff here. It’s not exactly joint rulership. More a kind of honorary auntie. Most of the signs have one. But modern astrologers do not use them.

    I will dig out the piece I wrote about these tutelary deities based on the Roman astrologer Manilius, and repost it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cap moon and Cap rising conjunct here, with Vesta also conjunct. I’m lighting candles, a fire and making the hearth warm for my visiting family! Any more Cap/Vesta wisdom welcome!

  8. Isy Aweigh says:

    I was driven from my home by threats against my life (2 weekends ago) which looked like coming true on 23/24. I don’t think I’ll discuss it much (details on blog) but it sometimes seems like the only warmth is within, or at the other end of the telephone.

    All things pass… I only wish some passed a little faster.

  9. Christina says:

    You take care. Now and at when the Moon goes through Sag around Jan 8.