Time To Draw A Line In The Sand, Harry

Wednesday January 23rd 2013
Harry: Mars in Sagittarius

Oh dear, the royal family is so much better when they are like proper icons – that is silent.

Prince Harry, the third in line to the throne, has given a disastrous interview about his life in the army. This is from the normally flag-waving Daily Telegraph:

“Take a life to save a life,” he said, before making an unfortunate comparison between his skill as an Apache helicopter gunner and his talent for computer games: “It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think that I’m probably quite useful.”

That may be OK in the mess room, but it sounds pretty dumb out here in the real world. Look at what Pluto is doing to his chart. The planet of death and transformation is crossing his ascendant, the face he shows to the world. We see him now as a bringer of death as well as the playboy prince. Transiting Chiron is opposing his Mercury, communications, as he damages himself with his own words. Transiting Jupiter is also conjuncting his Chiron – the hoof goes deeper in the mouth.

Harry’s is a classic king’s chart, unlike William’s, with the two plants of rulership near the two key angles. He has Saturn on the MC in Scorpio and Jupiter near the ascendant, just like his granny the Queen. But the Queen’s Jupiter is in the first house and Harry’s is in the 12th house – that’s a big difference. Jupiter is the royal planet, the king of the solar system. So the queen has personal power (first house)  – and Harry has ancestral power (12th house). His Jupiter is in Capricorn, power from the establishment, and hers is in Aquarius, power from the people.

Both the Queen and Harry are having Saturn Returns this year, a time of reckoning. In anyone’s life these transits are when you look back at how far you have come and judge yourself. How am I doing? What have I made of myself so far?

How many twentysomethings really know what they want to do with their lives? Only the lucky ones. The rest of us just drift around until we hit that Saturnian wall. This is what’s happening for Harry now. For sure, he needs to take on more responsibility now.

Looking at the prince’s chart, you can see that he is a natural-born soldier. His Saturn in Scorpio is a mark of military leadership. I expect he is brave (like his gran). With Mars, the warrior planet adventurous and athletic in Sagittarius, he may well be involved in more foreign wars, if he can stay alive through this one. What I fear is that this stupid interview will make him a personal target, and with Pluto on his Ascendant that seems quite possible.

From the Parthenon

Mars in Sagittarius seems to perfectly describe the sort of character that might see battle as a game. Sagittarius is also the cavalry, of course. In ancient times, the centaur was the most feared warrior, galloping into battle. And today, with no horses, helicopters are the cavalry.

He also has the Moon in Taurus, another military sign.  It’s in the fourth house of motherland and opposite that Saturn. This Moon is earthy, sensual, practical. Despite the weird world he lives in, it also explains how Harry has the common touch, because emotionally he is down-to-earth. There is the potential for depression there though. So you can see from this chart that he has the makings of a leader of men. He could command loyalty and lead with integrity.

(I am afraid the Charge of the Light Brigade springs to mind. But hey.)

This Saturn-Moon  opposition also fits his description of the tension in his life between duty to the family “firm” and his soldiering career. He may be forced to choose between the two. But his family needs to keep in mind that this man needs a proper job. He has Pallas, the asteroid of military strategy, in the second house of talent, trining his MC and sextiling his Ascendant very closely. Despite appearances, he’s probably no dummkopf on the field of battle.

Right now that Pluto is putting him under much pressure. He will transform, or fall apart in the process. At the same time Pluto is on the midpoint of his MC-Saturn and Pallas trine, surely this is some change in career direction.
Harry is a perfect product of his class and culture. He’s exactly what you’d expect from the less-academically gifted toff, but that does not make him by any means useless. Astrology shows us that every character has his place in the network of society, and Harry’s is to be silent, strong and a leader. He needs to embrace his Saturn, or go the way of his great aunt Princess Margaret, the Queen’s only sister, who’s life unravelled as she failed to figure out what to do with herself.

Margaret also had Saturn conjunct the MC, but hers was in Capricorn (her sister surely), and she also has Moon in the fourth. She spent her whole life oppressed by the role the establishment had foisted on her. She half-rebelled, but never struck out enough to make her own way, and by all accounts was pretty miserable.

For Harry, it’s different. He’s a man, and the times have changed. The media attention is worse, but his options are not as limited as he might think. For a start, if he decides now, he never has to do another interview ever again. He can simply decide that it is not part of the job description.


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  1. Patricia says:

    i was born only 2 hours before harry. same day, same year, different country, though!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope that this comes from a point of observation & not jugdement.
    Your choice of words are harsh…..
    “He’s exactly what you would expect from an less acedemically gifted toff” & it goes on….
    So disempowing
    Walk in his shoes…….
    i’m sick to the core reading this….
    I say leave the royals be, their a family too.
    Peace is every step.
    I pray for his & all to be safe

    • Christina says:

      I do hope you’re not a troll, because you clearly have not read this piece with any attention, Anonymous, which makes me rather cross.

      I think I’ve been pretty kind as a matter of fact, so I guess the sickness is coming from you. Perhaps you haven’t read any of the editorials in any British newspaper. They are much nastier, even the most royalist of them. What is wrong with saying someone is a born soldier?

      And if Harry’s not a toff then who is? Since when is toff a term of abuse? Furthermore, he describes himself as too dim to go to university. As he explained in the interview, it’s meant he’s had to work harder in the army. A less academically gifted toff is a statement of fact.

  3. Diane L says:

    Good post on Harry! He is definitely a man of action & w/Mars widely conj Uranus probably has terrific reflexes . . . needed for piloting helicopters.

    Perhaps the unfortunate incident in Vegas was part of a Saturn in Scorpio Return message.

    I certainly hope he does find a proper job.

  4. Link says:

    I’ve been aware that there has been some sort of transgression by Prince Harry, but hadn’t read his statement you quoted Christina. A patently unwise and a terribly immature thing to say aside from being incredibly callous.

    You can get into trouble with some young’uns for criticising them ‘these days’ they don’t take kindly to being told of their twattisms–righteous in their indignation something to do with Uranus conj Neptune I think. From my own experience pointing out abhorrent behaviour in teenagers with this conjunction–in Capricorn, results in one getting quite a deal of ‘lip’ and a lecture about ‘manners’ and acceptable codes of behaviour. What they don’t realise is that although they may be wise one day they are generally not at 16,17 & 18 particularly wise presently. Imagine Anonymous is one of those trying to stake out the moral highground with a meaningless platitude about ‘peace on earth for everyone’. I’ve had a couple of major run-ins with a 16 year old, fortunately my come-back lines have years of experience and when she desperately argued that I had ‘no right’ to be so ‘insulting’ (by telling her she was selfish little girl) I was able to say very emphatically that I didn’t need ‘a right’ to tell her how I felt about her.

    Interesting post–you’re absolutely right in your title for this piece. No doubt Daddy is pretty horrified too.

    • MaryH says:

      Sorry-forgot to specify that with that Mercury/Chiron square, a strong mentor (Chiron) could make all the difference to his further development.

    • MaryH says:

      Just to chime in on the Uranu/Neptune conjunct in Capricorn generation: I think it will be a positive influence in that generation’s approach to life in the long run. I foresee these young people organizing humanitarian efforts into multicultural monoliths; like UNICEF, but on a more ambitious scale. From the vantage point of middle age, I can look back and see that I was a total jerk at age 16,17,and 18. “Meat is Murder” “Sugar is Poison”….two examples of signs I posted on the family refrigerator. Blush.
      As for Harry: IMO he needs a really strong mentor.

    • Christina says:

      Thanks Link. That makes me feel better. I am going to watch out for that Uranus-Neptune Capricorn combo, which would be “moral high ground”. Hmm.

      I must say: people can say what they like here, but being told that I was being judgmental when in fact I’d bent over backwards to find something useful to say, really gets my goat. And as for the peace-talk in Anon’s comment: ironic since we’re talking about a warrior.

      The problem for Harry is that someone gave him really bad advice – clearly he had to do the interview – and he took it. He hates the media and it’s not actually necessary for him to deal with it, so he can just choose to stop.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My name is Elizabeth.

    Sorry I’m not anonymous by any means.

    I think it’s sad that people’s lives are disected & made public.
    His a kid that lost his Mum, like so many, trying to find his way in our world….. how hard it would be? The power of the media is beyond comprehension……it’s all about selling newspapers.
    He’s human & makes mistakes like the rest of us.
    Be gentle on those whom you may not know, including me.
    May Harry’s wonderful ways, inspiration & bravery be safe. He is a born soldier & it’s wonderful. If only the training was mandatory for all for a few yrs, just to teach order, self respect & disapline.
    May he read your blog or you get the info to him asap, so he may have the opportunity to make the choices.

    Great what you do maybe come more from a point of observation with your choice of words.

    Observation is more open & refreshing.


    • Isy Aweigh says:

      This is fascinating. With a Taurean brother who’s a soldier and a gifted helicopter pilot, I found this exceptionally intriguing.

      Don’t let the snarks get to you. Everyone thinks they’re righteous; I figure that, if you’re pissing people off, it means your work is reaching an unexpectedly wide audience. And that’s a good thing, though it comes with a certain amount of muck 😉

    • Christina says:

      Unfortunately, this site is all about analysing people, events and ideas using astrology as a tool.: dissection is the name of the game, making judgements is what I do.

      I try to be fair and unbiased, and believe me, in this case, I had to work very hard to find a positive angle. It would have been easy to write a negative piece about the prince, but I chose not to.

  6. lyn says:

    Whilst I realise you have made many fair comments, I also found the article difficult to read in places. It’s easy to make assessments from the fraction of the person publicly revealed. Contextualise him in the generation that has grown up and been trained to consider warfare as button pushing. Add in his charity work…etc etc. We do not know this man, only what others present of him, edited to follow the perception they choose to take from the snippets they can access. I did not consider Elizabeth to be a troll; neither do I consider you to just be judgemental – ‘take a life to save a life’ which Harry also said, is a fact of war. Does anyone expect someone interviewed on the edge of a callout into a life threatening situation, which he has already been in numerously, witnessing things we wouldn’t even want to imagine, to be relaxed enough to be sensitive and considering softer feelings of others? A fuller consideration of context would create a different feeling for this, after all, young man. What about the oppressions placed on him by our ridiculous expectations…how much does that affect what he says. We can’t know, only comment according to our level of development.
    In peace.

  7. lyn says:

    BTW Harry says this interview was part of a deal to stop the media speculating on his deployment, compromising the safety of himself and, importantly to him, the people with whom he works. It was not his choice, but something he felt pressured into, to enable himself to be deployed in the work he has chosen. It was clear that he would not have done that interview otherwise. How much press reaction is to that attitude? My fear is also that all the negative comment, which shows little understanding of his pressures, could undermine him and those around, supporting him and effectively lead to mistakes which could be tragic. Action/reaction.We are all part of the web of war as of peace.This is not just ‘moral high ground’.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,
    Really love your post about Harry.
    Did you notice he also has a square in his natal chart from Chiron to Mercury ? Suppose he has to learn to choose his words very careful, being a royal soldier. He can learn that, he has Mercury in Virgo. I suppose the Saturn return is going to teach him about that.

    Apart from that: I really do like him !

    best regards – mimi

    • Christina says:

      Yes. I wondered about that Mercury in Virgo too, especially in the light of his dyslexia. But the Chiron explains that precisely. Some astrologers assign Chiron to Virgo which would put those two planets in mutual reception too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I notice that with Jupiter transiting Gemini it is conjunct his natal Chiron and square his natal mercury – so he said something about his career – I dont think it will be that bad though although I wonder how much of a hit its taking/taken from transiting saturn – quincunx right. Jupiter is going to move forward soon and recross his chiron – which cant be bad. But saturn in a month or two will be going retro to form a quincunx by transit with juoiter while all the time never straying far from aspecting his chiron. Interesting times for sure for him. On a personal note I have to say that harry is part of the tail that is wagging the dog. -david

  10. Sabrina says:

    I was going to say…I can’t believe he actually said that! especially with mercury in Virgo and supported by Pluto and Jupiter (you’d think virgo and scorpio are rather careful eh?). But the natal squares to Chiron and Uranus (in Sag!) make sense. And like others said, there is good potential for learning (and concealing?)

    On a general note, the fact that younger generations are so desensitized thanks to media and video games is plain scary…

  11. Link says:

    What a terrible indictment on our society that ‘games’ presumably designed primarily for children, (although I realise adults play these too), make them such accurate marksmen for the theatre of war. A connection Harry clearly makes. Which when ‘played’ from a helicopter blurs the line between something done for personal amusement as a ‘leisure activity’ and something which destroys a life and disastrously impacts the lives surrounding that life.

    He spoke a truth society has blithely tried to deny. People who are practised at playing x-box and various other war ‘games’ do indeed acquire the skill and dexterity to make them excellent hitmen. It could be seen as some sort of Orwellian conspiracy to turn children into killing machines. He seems remarkably unaffected (so far) for a professional sniper who has clearly killed at least one person and probably many more from a safe height. Sadly it’s unlikely he will remain so innocently unaffected so as to be able to brag about his ‘thumb’ skills playing a video game as an obvious recommendation for being a skilled and lethal killer of other people.

    • Christina says:

      You made a good point about Uranus currently in Aries in another comment somewhere Isy, suggesting that it might mean changes in warfare.

    • Isy Aweigh says:

      The US military uses computer games very much like what you find on the shelves in the shop. I know they were initially exactly the same games when they realized youngsters who played them were better at shooting live people.

      And now (decades on) the Marines are trying mindfulness meditation as protection from ptsd… a training that will, I imagine, have a stunning set of unexpected consequences.

    • Christina says:

      “He spoke a truth society has blithely tried to deny.” I thought about this post last night and came to the same conclusion. As a society we send these people to war and then we’re shocked when they kill someone. It’s very hypocritical. The thing that was so hard to stomach was that what he was saying was clearly true. Surely Pluto at work there.

  12. MaryH says:

    Holy moley, you are good Isy Aweigh! Yesterday, with Pallas conjuncting Uranus in Aries, it was formally decreed that women will be allowed to serve in active combat in the U.S. armed forces. These are the kind of synchronicities that have made me stand in awe of astrology for decades.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Good analyses about Harry. I looked at the horoscopes of the Royal Family and transiting Pluto and Uranus will affect his ascendant on may 20 . Neptune in transit opposite Mercurius. In the horoscope of the UK Pluto is transiting the IC in a conjunction ( orb 2°)and makes a trine to mars.
    Actualy saturn is transiting the second house of the UK, and a read a thirth recession is on its way.
    Rough times for the UK and the royal family???


    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry christine. I looked at my chart and mars transit is closing in on natal mercury/saturn. Cant be good as we have found out. I’ve got the twenty first century breathing down my neck. The perrier’s gone straight to my head. This to be followed by mercury transit of sat/merc. I’ll give it a rest for a couple of weeks until I am somewhat more rational. 🙂

    • Christina says:

      I think I’ll get the UK chart up next week and we can carry on this discussion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually in my bones and others bones is not we are in it for the long haul but that there needs to be a complete change. I do not want to be in it for the long haul which is why leaving the country is a increasingly viable option. I was watching max keiser saying that the coalition took the wrong direction in backing the bond market and the banks. The bond market is on a three hundred year high and could burst at any moment. When that happens the currency will take a further devaluation. Germany and other countries are taking back their gold because they do not trust wall street and the city of london anymore. The implied message being that the only things that one should prepare for is the collapse of the currency by buying physical gold and silver – like they are doing in india and china.

      ready for the third dip recession in the UK?

    • Christina says:

      Oh we’re in the shit all right, anon. I didn;’t say cutting salaries helped the economy. Simply that taking a pay cut is better than going on the dole. This is nothing to do with what the government has or has not done, it’s simply that people are behaving slightly differently because we’re in this for the long haul. In our bones we know there may be no bounce back.

    • Anonymous says:

      I notice that our good prime minister put out a party political broadcast where he lied all the way about the economy and about how austerity is getting somewhere – or words to that effect. In fact the nation is more in debt that it has ever been. The coalition has borrowed more money than labour did in 13 years. The debt is up by 60% amounting to £1,111 billion and set to rise this year to £1,400 billion.

      You know in greece it has been calculated that for every dollar of austerity there is a loss of 1.7 dollers in gdp. What is austerity doing to this country?

      I dont see saturn aspecting pluto is good for business. Quite the opposite.

      How can cutting salaries actually help the economy. With asset prices remaining high and inflation steadily increasing but of course food and fuel is not counted. Not too mention the steady deteriation of the value of money by the printing of money by the bank of england and the buying of governemt bonds by the bank of england that in itself has cut 9% of income generated through savings for OAP’s and those others who rely on interest from savings for an income.

      There is a report in the telegragh this morning where it is admitted that things have not been this bad since 1830 in the UK.

      And dont mention those who are in slave labour in this country who are conveniently for the government taken of the unemployment register or the staff of HMV.

      Yes its truely wonderful with saturn aspecting pluto.

      And I could go on.

    • Christina says:

      I certainly think UK is going through a transformation with Pluto conjuncting the Sun this year in the 1801 chart. Saturn in the 2nd is very much here already. People are feeling a lot poorer than they did a few years ago. One thing that’s really interesting though is that there have been fewer job losses than you’d expect. Instead employers are retaining staff but cutting salaries. This is actually much better than it was in the 1980s, which were brutal.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hy Christina,

    The discussion of the uk chart would be very interesting.
    By the way : I live in Belgium so I have a more distant view. I choose the UK chart for my study of mundain astrology. I believe it’s the best example we can get.

  15. Sabrina says:

    About Pluto getting closer to his Asc. I know at least four people that are there right now…It can be seen as getting in touch with personal power, things that were underneath start to surface. But also like you say, become target.

    What have you seen in your years of practice Christina? I got to see one example (it was in Sag, not in Cap) and it was pretty tough but also -I suspect- liberating. Ultimate purification.

    • Christina says:

      I have known a lot of the Sadges and I have to say it varies enormously. It’s always tough, and sometimes it can knock people right out for a long time. Also for some it has been empowering but in every single class there has been a massive purge as well. Also, there’s the first hit and then there’s often a long time in the first house, and I’ve seen physical stuff too. Sag is flexible of course, so able to take some knocks. After it’s moved on there is a new power though –– sometimes nice, sometimes scary.

      However, I think Capricorn is different. Pluto seems to be more empowering to this sign. Some astrologers are talking about Pluto being exalted here. There is a responsibility about Caps that restrains the full-throttle Pluto power-wielding stuff.

      Personally, Pluto crossing my IC was one of the most challenging transits I’ve ever had. It was like taking a violent laxative, speaking metaphorically of course.

      Some of my most fabulous clients were born with Pluto on or near the ASC. These are often people who take life by the scruff of the neck and transform themselves too, unbelievable cleansing energy, truthfulness, I love it. On the other hand, there was a very scary woman…. had to get the sage out big time after she left — phew….

  16. 44 and counting says:

    Harry really seems to have sorted himself out since this post. Likely the combination of his Saturn return, saturn his moon and pluto crossing his ascendant. Last year there was some good mental health stuff surrounding how he got counselling during that period because he hadn’t actually released all the stuff surrounding Diana’s death.

    And today it’s announced he’ll be marrying Meghan Markle in Spring 2018.

    Interesting (to us astrologers) that the headline is “Stars were aligned when I met Meghan”. They met in July 2016 just after Pluto started squaring his Libra Venus and the last pass of that transit is exact today as the announcement is made! (He also had Jupiter about to transit his Sun when he met her and just after the 2nd pass of his Saturn return).