Mami Wata

Sunday March 10th 2013
Mami Wata 1999, by Moyo Ogundipe


It’s Mothering Sunday here. The Moon (Mama) is in the sign of the Fishes, coming up to conjunct the Sun in a day or so.

Mama Wata, Yemanya, La Sirene — these are all names for the mother of the ocean worshipped in West Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and more.

Happy Mother’s Day.

To hear an interview with the artist Moyo Ogundipe which is utterly Piscean and therefore perfectly in tune with the spirit of the times, click here.


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  1. Unknown says:

    I’m of Sierra Leonean descent and I was absolutely tickled to see you post about Mami Wata 🙂

    You’re awesome.